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Balladeer Forever

Wayne Rostad back on the local roads again. By Pam Dillon, Photos by John Major | September 2019 With a lilt in his voice and a smile in his eyes, Canada’s favourite storyteller, Wayne Rostad, is living it up in our backyard … Continue reading

9 Tips for Installing New Carpets for Beginners

Installing a new carpet could be one of the first steps of making your house into a home. It will not only be the foundation of the décor of your home, but it will also help keep the house warmer and provide a soft surface for you to walk on. Continue reading

Boldt Castle

Some guys give their wives flowers or jewellery as a sign of affection. George Boldt gave his wife a castle.

Boldt made his fortune in the hotel business catering to the wealthy in New York City and Philadelphia. George and Louise loved the Thousand Islands in upstate New York and enjoyed vacationing there. Continue reading

Asbestos: The Risks of Exposure, Awareness, and Management

Asbestos is the term used for a group of minerals made up of microscopic fibers. These fibers form naturally in certain rocks which then eventually break down into the soil. When left alone, these fibers are not at all harmful … Continue reading

What are the signs of a broken sewer pipe?

While shopping for a house or any other real estate, we often look at the location, the aesthetics among other factors. However, rarely do we pay attention to what lies underneath the house. Ideally, one should be very thorough with the inspection, especially if the property is a few years old. Continue reading

What do sterile technicians do?

Healthcare is a noble profession. The personnel in this field can help people survive, or at the very least, improve their quality of life substantially. However, it is essential to note that doctors and nurses aren’t the only professionals in this sector and that there is more to healthcare than meets the eyes.

Continue reading

Three Top Tips For Starting A Home Based Business

Owning your own business is a life-goal for lots of people, and when you consider the benefits, it’s not hard to see why; spending your days earning a living doing something you love, flexible hours that fit around family and being your own boss are all wonderful plus points Continue reading


CBC is looking for families to be part of the TV show “Family Feud Canada” and wondered whether you would mind sharing some info on your Facebook page in the hope some local families might be interested in applying to … Continue reading

Short-Cuts to Keeping Your House Cleaned for Longer

Cleaning your house can be tough. But, what is tougher is to keep it clean and shiny. Especially when you have pets and babies inside the house. You might have to get stuck in a never-ending cycle of cleaning your … Continue reading