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Smilin’ Hank and his Family Love Ottawa


The guy who led the Ottawa Redblacks to the Grey Cup last season, smilin Hank, Henry Burris, helped ignite football fever in this city his family calls home . Continue reading

BBQ steak with chimichurri? Yes please!


A delicious blend of fresh parsley, olive oil, garlic, and red wine vinegar, chimichurri is great with BBQed steak and it’s a healthy choice too. Continue reading

Cottage Weekend at Lac Simon Tourist Resort


No chance anybody will get bored at Lac Simon. This resort is just 70 minutes from Ottawa and it offers tons of family-friendly activities and attractions. Continue reading

Help Your Teens Cope with Moving


Friends are a big deal for teens. So, when you ask your teen to move and leave friends behind, you’re asking a lot. But you can help make the move easier. Continue reading

Game on at Ottawa’s Miracle League Field!


When we are out in the field playing¬†baseball, we are all just kids. And at Ottawa’s Miracle League Field, all the kids actually get to play. Yay for that! Continue reading

Connaught PS Students Honour Volunteer


Students at Connaught Public School have collaborated with a new digital word cloud tool, scapes, to create a special gift for volunteer Jackie Barratt. Continue reading

Playing Ball at the Miracle League Field


There’s a local ball game tomorrow that’s really big news. It’s one is which kids of all abilities will be playing and having fun at Ottawa’s Miracle League Field. Continue reading

Through the Jungle Carrying Sticks


In honour of Father’s Day, we’re presenting a lovely story by one of our favourite dads: Chris Read. It’s called Through the Jungle Carrying Sticks. Continue reading

Ready for Adulting?


Sooner or later, the big kids in the family need to spread their wings and embrace the realm of grownups. Here’s how to start adulting. Continue reading