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How Connected is Your Family?

Family reconnect

    by Cathy Lumsden Relationships are one of the main cornerstones of happiness. So why do I often hear there isn’t time for connecting with others? At the end of the day, relationships are what life’s all about. We … Continue reading

Stairwell Carollers concerts bring season into beautiful focus


  Want to really get into the spirit of the holiday season? Get tickets for the whole family to attend a concert by the Stairwell Carollers. Established since 1977, The Stairwell Carollers is an a cappella Ottawa choir that was … Continue reading

YUM Files: Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies


  It might be too early for holiday baking, but it’s a perfect day to slide a wholesome treat out of the oven. And your whole family will appreciate a batch of freshly baked cookies. Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies 1/2 … Continue reading

Embrace Your Teen’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

shutterstock_57416137 (1)

  As a parent you want what’s best for your children. For decades, parents have taught their kids that to have a successful life they need to study hard, go to post-secondary school and get a good paying job. But … Continue reading

The Wine of the Week? Scrumptious, Organic and from Ontario!


Each Friday, #‎Ottawa sommelier Monique Ippolito introduces us to a new wine worth savouring and sharing. by Monique Ippolito This fact might surprise you but Ontario Rieslings are actually an incredible pick for our cozy sweater weather.  Here are five … Continue reading

Should eye exams be mandatory for school-age kids?


Most Canadian children never have their eyes examined, yet one in six may have a vision problem by Elizabeth Lee-Ford Jones and Mélanie Meloche-Holubowski Currently only 14 percent of Canadian children under the age of six receive professional eye care. … Continue reading

Grandperson in Training


Grandperson in Training is a new feature detailing the latest chapter in the life of award-winning columnist Lynn Rees Lambert. by Lynn Rees Lambert So this is what it’s like to be an almost grandparent. Yes, at long last, our … Continue reading

Youngster’s World Trip for a Cause Starts in Ottawa

Capri headshot

Eleven-year-old Capri Everitt is really going places. And that doesn’t mean to the mall after school. Starting from Ottawa this week, the youngster is embarking on a philanthropic journey that will take her to 80 countries. Capri will travel the … Continue reading

Ottawa Families: This One Inspires

IMG_5594 (1)

Setting An Example For Life As Ashe Mukasa grows up, he’ll have the know-how to chase his dreams and the work ethic to achieve them. His parents will have taught him that. by Andrea Cranfield Helen Muleme surveyed her living … Continue reading