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Dolly Doll Cupcake Co. is a local gem to celebrate and support

first try 2

A vegan, nut-free bakery, café and community hub, Dolly Doll Cupcake Co. is a mom-run business that’s a safe place to bring loved ones with allergies. It also offers online ordering, so you can get delectable goodies to take anywhere. Continue reading

Ottawa Fury FC Soccer Fun


Stephen Johnson and his family attended an Ottawa Fury FC soccer game on a perfect spring afternoon recently. What did they think? “Perfection.” Continue reading

Celebrating the Bright Light of Laurel Anderson

Laurel Anderson

As the outpouring of grief on social media attests, Laurel Anderson brightened people’s lives. She shone from the inside. Continue reading

Science By Night at Museum of Nature May 5


Science by Night is happening at the Canadian Museum of Nature Thursday, May 5. At this free open house, from 5 to 9 pm, you can roam the museum, meet scientists, do a little gaming and dissection, join in a trivia challenge and more!
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Wild (Family) Weekend in Quebec

david front

Want to have a wild (family) weekend? Stephen Johnson’s family headed to Quebec to visit a zoo in Montreal & an aquarium in Quebec City. Fun times, indeed! Continue reading

Evening at the Races for a Great Ottawa Cause


How about an evening at the races? BARK, a “no kill” Ottawa dog rescue organization, is hosting the event May 12. It’s a fun fundraiser for a great cause. Continue reading

Earth Day: Ottawa Mom Embraces the 5 Rs


Here’s an Earth Day story to inspire you! Ottawa mom Mailyne Briggs tried zero-waste living for a year and rocked it! Check out her tips for living greener. Continue reading

A Father’s Guide to Mother’s Day


As a representative of the dad community, Canadian Dad blogger Chris Read is here to help guys out in their quest to provide mom with the perfect day for Mother’s Day, May 8.

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No More Worries about Loved Ones Wandering


Worried about loved ones wandering? There’s a new device, designed for people with autism and dementia, that can ensure the connection will never be lost. Continue reading