4 Xmas Presents to WOW the Whole Family

Christmas is coming up really quickly, and a lot of moms and dads are still wondering what to get for their kiddos. While the kids and teens probably have plenty of items on their wish lists, it can also be fun to get a large gift the whole family can enjoy together. Another bonus of a family present is that instead of toys and other items that might be played with for a few days and then forgotten, many of the bigger group presents are more about making memories that will last a lifetime. Consider the following ideas:

Season Tickets to a Favorite Sports Team

If your entire family is into sports, you might consider purchasing season tickets for a favorite team. If everyone loves watching the Ottawa Senators on TV, surprise everyone with tickets to see them play live. You can visit a website like Box Office Ticket Sales to purchase tickets.

A Family Vacation to Someplace Special

Another great family gift idea that focuses on memories more than toys is a family vacation. Your destination depends on the ages and interests of your kids, of course. If your teens have always talked about going to Hawaii, a family trip to the islands might be in order. Younger kids who go to bed dreaming of Disney would love a trip to Disneyland in California. You can purchase tickets and get more information about attractions and amenities right on the Disneyland website, or you can ask other parents who have been there what they would recommend.

A Giant New TV

An LED TV is also a terrific family gift idea—especially if you and the kids love watching sports, movies and other shows. A large and ultra-clear TV is also great for playing video games. The Vizio LED 55-inch TV is a terrific option, and it’s available at many major retailers. The brand has a solid reputation for quality and the LED picture looks amazing. You could either have the box wrapped up with a giant bow for everyone to unwrap on Christmas morning—along with maybe a new movie for each kid and some microwave popcorn and candy—or you could also have it set up and ready to watch.

A Swimming Pool

If your kids seem to be part dolphin, and you also enjoy a nice dip in the refreshing water, you might want to pool—pun fully intended—your gift money and surprise everyone on Christmas morning with the promise of a backyard pool. Pool Products has a great selection of in ground pools and is currently offering some terrific specials for 2015. The site also features a virtual pool builder that will allow your family to construct the perfect pool on your computer. You can make your big gift announcement by buying a small wading pool and filling it with floaties, beach balls and other equipment, and then adding pool brochures that everyone can pore over together.

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