7 Free Online Resources for New Drivers

Each year, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among those ages 16 to 25. Although 55 per cent of these fatal crashes are related to driving while impaired or under the influence of drugs and alcohol, the other 45 per cent can be attributed to other errors behind the wheel. That’s why it’s important to prepare your teenager in the most engaging manner possible so he or she will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to stay safe while operating a motor vehicle.

Here are some free resources to consider:

Driver’s Ed Guru

This website is a comprehensive driver’s education resource accessible free of charge without registration credentials. It features a four-stage, step-by-step curriculum for parents who prefer to teach their children how to drive but need a structured curriculum to follow and useful videos to demonstrate driving maneuvers. Once your teenager is ready to start preparing for the exam, they can review a host of driving articles to ramp up their knowledge and try their hand at eight interactive DMV practice quizzes.


Its Keys2Drive literature, which was adapted from the American Automobile Association’s Guide to Teen Driver Safety, contains three main components: get ready, learn to drive and go solo. The website also includes links to a host of helpful resources, including online practice knowledge tests, videos on driving under the influence, a parent log and fact sheets.


Participants can access and sign a New Driver Deal to demonstrate their willingness to comply with basic rules for teen drivers. Your teen can also subscribe to a digital driving coach to receive free lessons, tips and instructions for practice on a weekly basis. Because such a high number of teenagers are involved in auto accidents each year, the first three lessons of the curriculum are geared toward the prevention of accidents caused by inattentiveness to the roadway, speeding and distractions both inside and outside of the vehicle.

State Farm

You don’t have to be a policyholder for your teen to access the free resources offered on State Farm’s Teen Driver Safety website. The website houses five useful and interactive tools:

• Road Trips, a web-based practice program that enables your teen to put skills to the test before hitting the roadway

• Road Aware, a simulator that teaches teens to scan the roadway to anticipate hazards

And if you’re a current policyholder, you may be eligible for a premium discount through the Steer Clear program.


Through this online platform, your teen can access a host of free sample practice permit tests that are based on the DMV manual in your respective state of residence. TheDriving-Tests.org site also offers free feedback on questions missed, a useful “focus on the road” infographic, a beginner’s driver’s guide, a parent-driver contract and a stop distracted driving pledge.


A charitable organization dedicated to preventing injuries and saving lives, Parachute Canada formed the Project Gearshift partnership with State Farm to promote safe teen driving habits. The “Key Messages” document on the website is chock-full of compelling, eye-opening statistics for teens.


Teen drivers have access to a free video library with 25 detailed practice driving lessons. An accompanying workbook, “3 Keys to Keeping Your Teen Alive” is also available for $24.95. The website offers an array of resources for both teens and parents, including driving contracts.

Bottom line: if you equip the newest driver in your household with the proper knowledge and skills, your insurance premiums will thank you. And most importantly, you’ll have a peace of mind each time your teen gets behind the wheel.

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