A Father’s Guide to Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

by Chris Read

While some would argue, and rightfully so, we should celebrate mothers every day, the Holiday Planning Committee decided one particular day should be held in higher regard than others. That day, of course, will forever be known as Mother’s Day, and I am here as a representative of the dad community to help guys out in their quest to provide mom with the perfect day.

The first step in planning the ideal celebration for your wife or mother is to take a look at the type of woman she is. Does she work long office hours? Is she a stay-at-home mom? Maybe she runs a home daycare and is on her feet all day. Perfection lies in the details, and a little research is the least we can do, right?

I went a little further for you and asked as many moms as I could this question: “What would your perfect Mother’s Day look like?” And, yes, I have compiled a list of the most common answers. You’re welcome.

Mother's Day

Spa Day

The responses here varied from a simple pedicure to a full day at the spa. Nonetheless, this was overwhelming the top pick for the moms who answered. Depending on their relationship, it could be a fun idea to send your wife and both of your moms to the spa for the day while you plan dinner with the kids. Local options include Le Nordik in Chelsea, March House Spa in Kanata and Holtz Spa in downtown Ottawa. Pro Tip: Find out which treatments your wife enjoys before booking.

Mother's Day

Day of Pampering at Home

Coming in a close second was mom wanting to be pampered by her family for the day, and who could blame her? I know in our house mom is the engine that keeps everything running, and I often feel bad that we don’t do more for her. There is no rocket science behind this option, fellas. Step 1: Make sure you wake up before the kids so they don’t come running into your bedroom, disrupting mom’s beauty sleep. Step 2: Let mom sleep in before you begin preparing her favourite breakfast in bed. Step 3: Bring said breakfast to mom, allowing the kids to help, then leave mom alone to eat her breakfast in peace. Step 4: Spend the day cleaning the house with your children and not letting mom lift a finger. Step 5: Make dinner, give kids baths, put them to bed and then snuggle together while watching mom’s favourite movie. Pro Tip: Pick up mom’s favourite dessert and surprise her with it while you watch the movie she has selected.

Family Day of Fun

For a mom on the go, Mother’s Day bliss is to slow down and spend quality time with the family. The Ottawa region is full of attractions and Sunday, May 8, may be the perfect day to head out together and visit one of the museums. On top of this, why not go to one of those fancy local Mother’s Day brunches? But make sure you purchase brunch tickets well in advance. Pro-Tip: Bonus points if you invite your mother and mother-in-law along for brunch, before embarking on your family adventure.

Day Spent Solo

At first glance Mother’s Day spent without kids seems wrong, but it is something we have done at our house for the last couple of years. Let me explain: as a home daycare provider, my wife spends about 10 hours a day with a house full of kids. Having put in some some time in this environment, I can tell you anyone who chooses this field of employment deserves pampering every now and then. That’s why we started a yearly tradition of sending my wife to the Brookstreet Hotel for Mother’s Day. We usually pick up a pizza, check into mommy’s room and have a fun family dinner in the hotel room before leaving her to sleep in her big comfy bed all by herself. The next morning begins with a quiet room-service breakfast for one and a spa treatment before we head back to get mommy around lunchtime. Pro Tip: Bring your kids back early to go for a swim in the pool or play in the kids’ areas before collecting mommy.

The Gift!

We often joke about flowers and chocolates for Mother’s Day. However, most moms I talked to said they love getting flowers any time of year, so be sure to have some to give her at breakfast. Also, forget the store-bought cards. Intentionally. They’re expensive and unnecessary. The cards created by the kids are keepers. Bonus points for dad if he makes his own card as well! Finally, while most moms said they didn’t need a fancy gift for mother’s day, they did admit you couldn’t go wrong with a Pandora bracelet and charms. The beauty of this gift is that since there are hundreds of different charms, you will never be left without a gift idea again.

However you choose to celebrate, what’s important is to do everything in your power to show mom how much she is loved and appreciated. And don’t forget to get your kids involved every step of the way. To all the moms out there, thank you for everything you do and Happy Mother’s Day!!

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