Adults, Are You Listening?

Megan Laundry is a 17-year-old Ottawa artist. The young writer and poet makes her own videos and this one, her latest release, is pretty powerful. If you have three minutes—just three minutes—be sure to watch. It’s called Wallpaper and it will make you think.

“…her songs are expressive and touching, while her stunning vocal drifts elegantly over the perfect harmonies. This week’s winning song, ‘Wallpaper’ explores the tragic incidents within our society that leave those suffering and those watching completely helpless. Megan’s lyrics express her inability to block out the tragic images from around the world, and yet she is unable to tackle the issues. Not only did Megan write the moving lyrics and music, she also created the striking video, which presents the ‘broken’ people of our society portrayed by children. The visual is shocking as the innocence of the young depicts adult issues, but it also confronts the image of these people that most would rather not consider by addressing their disturbing existence through the medium of children, forcing the audience to review their attitude towards other human beings ….”  Kelly Donovan,

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