Ashbury College

362 Mariposa Avenue
Ottawa Ontario, K1M .T3
Telephone Number: (613) 749-5954

As one of the leading independent schools in Ottawa, Ashbury College has built an excellent reputation throughout the country. Founded by George P. Woollcombe in 1891, Ashbury has maintained a strong tradition of education and academic preparation for university. The Ashbury experience, enriched by it’s national capital location and international students, has always promoted responsible citizenship and service to others. The College has demonstrated visionary leadership by being the first Canadian high school to offer the International Baccalaureate in 1975 and by launching the Forum for Young Canadians the same year. The Forum brings high school students from across Canada to Ottawa to learn about effective leadership, government and nation building. Ashbury’s Junior School for boys welcomes day students from Grade 4 to 8. The Senior School, Grades 9 to 12, is co-educational, with approximately 85 students boarding on campus. Twenty percent of Ashbury’s student population is international and represents over 30 different countries.

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