Aunt Rosa’s Cottage

Local teacher’s new book celebrates traditions and family time

Students in Andrea Weckworth Grade 4/5 class are learning first-hand that anything is possible and that if you work hard, try your very best and don’t give up, dreams can come true.

Their teacher, at Steve MacLean Public School, is the source of inspiration. Mrs. Weckworth has achieved one of her lifelong goals, officially becoming a published author.  And when she launched her first picture book recently, her students, fellow teachers, family members and friends were cheering her on.


“My book, Aunt Rosa’s Cottage, started off as a little writing project with my students many years ago,” Mrs. Weckworth explains.  “In its draft form, it has served as a mentor text for many students working through the writing process exploring the world of personal narratives.”

The text itself is packed with craft, while the illustrations transport the reader down memory lane, back to childhood and lazy days at the beach.

An uplifting tale of family traditions and summer memories, Aunt Rosa’s Cottage has a tender narrative that’s of interest to readers young and old. From sandcastles, waves and campfires to ice cream cones and daddy-long-legs, the story evokes fond memories.


“It’s been so exciting to share Aunt Rosa’s Cottage with my students and fellow teachers,” the teacher says. “Watching kids connect with my story and illustrations has been extremely rewarding.”


Both kids and adults are incredibly proud of her. “Our students, staff and parents are very excited to have an ‘in-house’ author at Steve MacLean Public School,” says principal Denise Poirier.  “It is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to be able to celebrate Andrea’s great accomplishment. ”

Andrea (ahem … Mrs. Weckworth) has a husband, two boys, a cat and a love for family time at the cottage.

Every year, unbeknownst to the current owners, she still drives by Aunt Rosa’s cottage.

Paula Letheren is also a painter and potter who lives on the shores of Lake Huron. She has two grownup kids who are arty types as well.


Aunt Rosa’s Cottage would make a wonderful, very special gift for local kids who love to read and write stories and to dream about the future. The ISBN is 978-0-9813481-0-0.

To purchase a copy, you can send an email to and pay by credit card or e-transfer. A Paypal invoice will be generated for you. Each copy is $7.95 CDN, plus shipping and handling via Canada Post. Shipping costs about $1.99 in Canada.

For details, email and see

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