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Family Trip to the Eastern Townships

By Stephen Johnson

This past summer, we took a family trip to the Eastern Townships. One day, we had some extra time on our hands so decided to check out the Bombardier Museum of Ingenuity. I thought we might see a few old snowmobiles and perhaps spend forty-five minutes or so checking out the exhibits. Instead, we found engaging interactive displays that showcased leading-edge technology. We were so impressed we spent the better part of five hours at the museum.

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Quebec City

By Stephen Johnson…. Sometimes, it is important to spoil yourself.  With winter weather making an early appearance it was time for our family to take a trip.  We decided upon a visit to Quebec City and the Chateau Frontenac.   Driving … Continue reading

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Explore Buffalo

I love it when a city surprises you. A trip to Buffalo, New York did exactly that. I was expecting to find diehard sports fans, friendly people and the birthplace of Buffalo chicken wings. Our family did find that but also so much more. We also found a city filled with amazing architecture, a vibrant waterfront and a music scene with a rich history. Continue reading

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Exploring the mysteries of the cellular pathways to fibrosis

Living with Pulmonary Fibrosis and Staying Positive with Every Breath© Exploring the mysteries of the cellular pathways to fibrosis A recently completed study by Dr. Kjetil Ask and PhD student Olivia Mekhael sheds new light on how certain cells in … Continue reading

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Cozy Home to a Cozy life: Preparations for Winter

Winter is upon us once again, and with that in mind, we have to once again tackle the dos and don’ts of keeping your home neat and safe. Winters can be long and tedious so it is imperative that we … Continue reading

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9 Tips for Installing New Carpets for Beginners

Installing a new carpet could be one of the first steps of making your house into a home. It will not only be the foundation of the décor of your home, but it will also help keep the house warmer and provide a soft surface for you to walk on. Continue reading

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Balladeer Forever

Wayne Rostad back on the local roads again. By Pam Dillon, Photos by John Major | September 2019 With a lilt in his voice and a smile in his eyes, Canada’s favourite storyteller, Wayne Rostad, is living it up in our backyard … Continue reading

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Boldt Castle

Some guys give their wives flowers or jewellery as a sign of affection. George Boldt gave his wife a castle.

Boldt made his fortune in the hotel business catering to the wealthy in New York City and Philadelphia. George and Louise loved the Thousand Islands in upstate New York and enjoyed vacationing there. Continue reading

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Asbestos: The Risks of Exposure, Awareness, and Management

Asbestos is the term used for a group of minerals made up of microscopic fibers. These fibers form naturally in certain rocks which then eventually break down into the soil. When left alone, these fibers are not at all harmful … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Ride to benefit training of guide dogs

The 31st annual Guide Dog Motorcycle Ride will take place on Sunday, September 8, 2019. It’s an all-brand motorcycle ride in support of Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind, meaning all riders are welcome, no matter what brand of motorcycle you ride. Continue reading

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