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How to Create the Perfect Wine Cellar in Your Home

Originally posted on Evan Dunn For those who appreciate a good glass of wine, having the right storage makes pouring a nice glass of vino easy. A wine cellar will provide you with a place to organize your favorite … Continue reading

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Animal Chatter By Iris Winston The commitment should last a lifetime Shortages of toilet paper, flour and puppies have been three indicators that people were spending much more time at home through the pandemic. As the various lockdown periods since … Continue reading

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Growing Writers

By June Coxon Pandemic sparks creative idea for anthology featuring local youth writers Although COVID-19 restrictions have changed the way we live, making times difficult for everyone and harming many businesses, others have been inspired to think creatively and start … Continue reading

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Cyber Crime

Be aware of computer risks The Internet provides a wealth of resources, including information about health issues, genealogy, retirement planning, and programs geared specifically towards seniors’ needs. Unfortunately, the Internet can also contain traps in disguise. An entire segment of … Continue reading

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Beyond Van Gogh

By Stephen Johnson I have always been interested in art but have never taken the time to learn more about the subject.   I thought visiting the Beyond Van Gogh exhibit at Lansdowne Park was a good place to start. The … Continue reading

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Fly Over the Ottawa River

By Stephen Johnson There is a new way to cross the Ottawa River this summer. I was eager to try the zipline but there was only one problem, I am deathly afraid of heights. I was glad I could live … Continue reading

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VTMN Packs Make it Better and Easier than Ever to Take Your Vitamins When it comes to vitamins, “knowing your ABCs” can get confusing. Are you taking the right supplements, in the right formulations, for optimal wellness? It’s hard to … Continue reading

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Parrots are Wild Animals

Animal Chatter By Iris Winston Photo: Not always a fit for domestic pets If you are thinking about owning a parrot as a pet, think again. Or, at least think long and hard and be fully aware of the … Continue reading

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Spring Fashion

Birding By Brian Morin Nature’s colour parade Mother Nature was the original creator of the spring fashion show, but she did things a little different. Rather than focusing on female attire, her emphasis was on how good the males look … Continue reading

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What Kind of Heater is Best to Keep Baby’s Room Warm and Safe?

  Description: What type of heater is best for the baby’s room? Find the answer in our post! We’ll arm you with knowledge, save a lot of your time and headaches, and prevent you from buying the wrong product. Scroll … Continue reading

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