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5th Annual West End Food Truck Rally

The 5th Annual West End Food Truck Rally in support of the FAMSAC Food Cupboard (west Nepean’s emergency food assistance program) takes place on Saturday, August 10, in Bells Corners and is a perfect event for people of all ages. … Continue reading

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Make a Splash with Water Activities

One of the perennial pleasures of living in Ottawa is the opportunity each summer to enjoy all kinds of water activities with your family. We have rivers and lakes galore in these parts, not to mention a world-famous canal plus … Continue reading

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Summer Memories for the Making

You don’t need to head to the airport or embark on a cross-country odyssey to make summer memories with your family. Why not explore the wonders of Canada’s capital city and take short trips to enjoy the amazing offerings in … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Fooled

By the award that keeps on taking
By Iris Winston | Jan/Feb 2019

I just turned down $350,000. More accurately, I turned down the promise of a $350,000 prize that had all the hallmarks of being a scam.

According to the silky-voiced man who called, I was the lucky winner of a major financial award from Publishers Clearing House.

“Did I remember entering the competition?” he asked.

No, I didn’t, because I hadn’t. Continue reading

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Pump up the volume of activity

There’s good reason to lace up your sneakers, round up the kids in the family, and get going places beyond the living room couch. Sure, the fresh air is amazing and, yes, Ottawa is full of enticing green spaces, but those aren’t the real motives for leaving the car and the remote control behind now that the spring thaw is here. More active living is a smart — and necessary — health move for both youngsters and oldsters. Continue reading

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Cleaning after a flood

As bitter winter weather turns to spring, melting snow and increased rainfall can lead to small leaks and floods that will wreak havoc on your home. If not cleaned and maintained properly, these areas can lead to mould growth and rotting. If you experience any leaking or floods this spring season, follow the steps outlined below from The Home Depot Canada to ensure your home repair is safe and stays dry.

Continue reading

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Preparation for concert – 4 Things you should rent almost immediately

The thing about concerts is that people of all ages and backgrounds enjoy it. So, there isn’t a specific age bracket that enjoys concerts the most. Therefore, whether you are organizing a concert for adults or youngsters, you know that it is going to be a hit. Continue reading

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7 Surprising Reasons Poor Posture is Bad for Your Health (and How to Fix it!)

Many of my students complain about having a tight neck and shoulders. Because we live in a “forward-rounded society,” it’s no wonder! We get up in the morning, check our phones, drive to work, sit at a desk, drive home … Continue reading

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How often should you consider checking wooden fence health?

While we are excitedly in the process of installing a new wooden fence, we don’t pay much attention to some details. Many of us even prefer aesthetics above other requirements for a fence that goes around our yard. Installation alone is a very big reason behind wooden fences weathering out too soon! Continue reading

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Keep your yards healthy in the heat

Crossbreed dog, Giant Black Schnauzer, Yorkshire Terrier and Golden Retriever dogs are lying on the lawn. Dogs are facing the camera and all have a protruding tongue.
Tips and tricks for taking care of your lawn and garden in excessive heat

“When we go out in the heat, we take a number of precautions to ensure we avoid any potential risks and stay healthy and hydrated,” says Denis Flanagan of Landscape Ontario. “Like us, our lawns and gardens also need to be protected from the hot and dry conditions.” Continue reading

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