Big kid alternatives to Halloween

The days of tricking and treating are over. You’ve outgrown Halloween and all that goes with it—months of an accessible stash of candy; the ability to don a mask and apply theatrical make-up; and the exhilaration of searching for that perfect costume. While your dentist is thrilled the days of chomping handfuls of sugary sweets are behind you, you are less enthused, moping over the fact that—once again—you are the family’s designated candy distributor. Cheer up and plan ahead with these fun alternatives to Halloween:

Play. While most kids are out gathering candy, you can enjoy smaller crowds at the bowling alley, arcade, or indoor mini-golf venue you’ve always wanted to visit. Be a big kid again and relive the days of your youth.

Pick prime pumpkins. It’s the season for this wonderful fruit, which is low in fat and calories and is rich in disease-fighting nutrients. Aside from the joy of pumpkin carving, you can also use the rest of the pumpkin to make pie, soup, or sauces. You can also roast pumpkin seeds for a healthy snack.

Party with purpose. Host a costume party and raise money for a cause that is important to you, like helping children and families living in poverty through Christian Children’s Fund of Canada. You can choose meaningful gift items from the charity’s gift catalogue, like a rainwater harvesting tank to provide an abundant supply of clean water to individuals in South America, India, or Africa. Visit for more ideas.

Plan for others. See if you can help out at a nearby seniors home or hospital. If you have a special talent like singing or dancing, you can put on a show with your friends and make someone smile. While some in your neighbourhood may consider it a nuisance to open the door to trick or treaters at the dinner hour, consider shut-ins and others who would welcome company. You can wear a bright, happy costume while you spend time with people and listen to their stories.

You can still participate in the excitement of Halloween without having to risk your maturity. Keep active, share with others, and have fun.

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