Bouche Baby Take N’ Shake Feeding Bottle

Parents of babes and toddlers – how about a product that actually makes your life easier? The Bouche Baby Take N’ Shake feeding bottle is so much more than a bottle. Touted as one of the best baby and toddler products on the market, the Take N’ Shake takes feeding time to a whole new level of convenience for mixing formula, transitioning from bottle to sippy cup and more! This product was created by a Mom and Dad who know just how awkward and sometimes unsanitary it is to mix formula on the fly.


The Take N’ Shake has an integrated formula compartment for easy and safe formula mixing

  • Converts to a standard feeding bottle and sippy cup
  • Makes the transition from bottle to sippy cup easier on your little one
  • Ultra Safe, BPA-free (made without bisphenol-A)
  • Colic Prevention Nipple
  • Doctor Approved
  • No more separate containers and plastic bags to carry formula
  • No more messy formula and water mixing on the go
  • No more clumpy formula


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