Slow Cooker with EasySear

Slow cook meats and stews to perfection. Sear, sauté, and brown on the stove-top and finish slow without losing any depth of flavor or nutrients.


  • Low setting for gentle, uniform heat
  • Deepens rich flavors
  •  High and Combo settings for better cuts of meat and dishes featuring vegetables and grains such as soups and stews.
  • Cool-touch handles let you easily transfer from stove to cooker.

The Risotto Plus

The combination cooker that makes tender slow cooked meals, stir-free risotto, and fluffy rice all in the same bowl.


  • Rice can be fluffy when steamed
  • Creamy in a risotto, or spicy when in a slow cooked meal.
  • Makes weekly meals more interesting.
  • Advanced multi-cooker that can make tender slow-cooked meals, stir-free risotto, fluffy rice and quinoa all in the same cooking bowl.
  • Sauté setting that allows you to caramelize all your lovely fresh ingredients.

One-Touch Tea Maker

The new Breville Tea Maker is a revolutionary tea experience. The fully automated tea basket moves down, then up, gently agitating the leaves to precisely infuse your tea. Push the basket button and watch the basket cycle in and out of immersion. Seeing is believing.


  • Different tea varietals such as Black, Green, White, and Oolong require exact water temperatures and controlled brew times to allow their unique flavors and aromas to develop during brewing. The Tea Maker eliminates the guesswork so you can enjoy a perfect cup of tea, every time.
  • Fully programmable for all types of tea, water temperatures, and steep times.
  • The moving tea basket allows water to circulate freely around the individual tea leaves for maximum infusion.
  • Set the timer and wake up to the aroma of your favorite brew.
  • The German-made Schott glass kettle is durable and stain resistant.



Available at retailers around Ottawa, including Sears, The Bay, Best Buy and more.

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