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Getting Braces – Things You Need To Know

Are you getting braces and want to know about it?

Getting braces can be scary, but people mostly worried about braces cost and think it will hurt. Everybody wants a charming, healthy smile, and it needs a perfect set of teeth. If you are searching for the best info, then you are in the right way here you will get the correct information which is very necessary before starting the treatment, and after reading these things, you will be ready for getting braces. Continue reading

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7 Surprising Reasons Poor Posture is Bad for Your Health (and How to Fix it!)

Many of my students complain about having a tight neck and shoulders. Because we live in a “forward-rounded society,” it’s no wonder! We get up in the morning, check our phones, drive to work, sit at a desk, drive home … Continue reading

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Insects in Your House? Use Natural Ways to Get Rid Of Them

No one likes insects and bugs in their home. They are annoying, and many even carry viruses and infections. This doesn’t mean you should soak your entire home is something that is even more harmful than those pests.

According to EPA, Americans use at least one harmful pesticide inside their home every year. These pesticides are loaded with toxins that can make indoor air quality harmful for health. Thousands of children suffer from pesticide poisoning every year. Exposure to pesticides inside homes and schools can lead to numerous ailments of the respiratory system, gastrointestinal system, and even the nervous system.

Children who are exposed to these dangerous chemicals are 47 percent more likely to be diagnosed with leukemia. Not to mention, indoor pesticides are associated with higher risks of cancer in people of all ages. Continue reading

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4 Simple Yoga Stretches for Back Pain

Article by Eryn Kirkwood Three days ago, my boyfriend threw his back out. He was doing some work around the lawn, felt a twinge, and three hours later was flat on his back, knees supported by a bolster, icing his … Continue reading

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Facing Your Fears Takes Courage

I don’t imagine there are too many people who can claim to have absolutely no fears. May they be big or small, fears can and often do, adversely affect our daily lives. Travelling by airplane is my big one and I … Continue reading

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Be Smart about Backpacks

Health Matters blogger Dr. Pierre Paradis, a Kanata chiropractor, provides the information you need to choose the proper backpack. Continue reading

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When Did We Start Doubting?

Here is something that we would like for you to reflect on this week: “When did we start doubting in our body’s ability to heal itself?” Continue reading

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