Happy Time

Suzart’s new production, Elf the Musical, delivers holiday family fun onstage and behind the scenes too.
by Pam Dillon

Ellen Séguin is pumped. She’s directing the Ottawa premiere of Elf the Musical, the Suzart Productions show happening December 5 to 9 at Centrepointe’s Meridian Theatres. And with days to go until curtain time, her enthusiasm is captivating. “This show is going to be about happiness,” she declares. It’s based on the beloved holiday film that’s always part of the December television lineup. In the movie, Buddy the Elf (played by Will Ferrell) sets off from the North Pole on a merry quest to discover his real identity

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Feeling Off Kilter? Use Yoga to Ease Vertigo


 We often hear the word “balance” and think of the seemingly impossible goal of achieving that smooth transition between work, home, family, fitness, healthy eating, and so on (good luck with that!). But equally important is the simple ability to stand on your own two feet. Many of my senior yoga students have told me that the most significant benefit they’ve received from the consistent practice of yoga is the massive amount of confidence that comes with feeling steady. They’ve taken up (or returned to after a period away!) skating on the canal with their grandchildren and other activities that they’d either stopped or not even considered.  

Our balance can start to decline as early as age 50 and steadily so from there. This is a big deal because as we move into our 60s, compromised balance is a primary cause of falls; falls account for a large percentage of hospital admissions, and the aftermath of a fall can significantly impact our quality of life thenceforth. Even a fairly common injury for all ages, like a pulled hamstring or twisted ankle, can take months to recover from, let alone a broken hip! Research shows that our balance does suffer to some degree in the natural process of aging, but there are things we can do to stop the momentum and even reverse the loss already incurred.

Not Just an Old Folk’s Issue!

A close relative of balance is dizziness. An extensive epidemiological study stated that “as many as 35% of adults aged 40 years or older in the United States—approximately 69 million Americans—have experienced some form of vestibular dysfunction.1 (Arch Intern Med 2009;169:938-44.) Although the causes underlying a vestibular disorder, like vertigo, are likely very different, they both share the common frustration of feeling unsteady. 

Get Vertical to Ease Vertigo

 Do you remember partying a little too hard in college and, the next morning, putting your foot on the floor to “stop the room from spinning”? Unlike someone having a dizzy spell or experiencing post-party repercussions, people who suffer from vertigo have the sensation of spinning or floating, but without the wild night before. It’s about as far from a party as you can get!

Studies have shown that placing the head in a specific position can help dislodge crystals of the inner ear canal which can contribute to dizziness. You’re best to consult your doctor on that. But in the meantime, there are ways to ease the dizzying and disconcerting effects of the condition.

The grounding effects of postures such as Paschimottanansa and Balasana (Child’s Pose) can help calm the mind and ease feelings of dizziness. An anonymous Iyengar Yoga teacher published an article on vertigo, recommending that, “If you’re experiencing spinning sensations, mentally focusing on those body parts that are in touch with the earth can dramatically reduce the length of the spinning and the associated anxiety.”

You can find the full article here.

In Child’s Pose, press the tops of your feet into the floor; in Paschimottanasana root down through the sitting bones and press your calves and heels in the earth.

Many people have noticed that stress contributes to their vertigo. If you’ve found the same, make Savasana (or Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose) part of your daily routine. For best effect, cover your eyes with a heavy cloth to allow them to rest deeply. 


Eryn Kirkwood is a local author and yoga teacher who specializes in classes for students aged 55 years and older. She offers a full schedule of classes at Barrhaven United Church in Nepean, along with workshops and other offerings! See for more information.

This article is not intended to diagnose any issues or to impart medical or therapeutic advice! It is always best to consult with a doctor before initiating these or any other exercise programs relating to your condition. This article was previously published in Sweat Equity

Salamander Theatre For Young Audiences


2 Daly Avenue
Ottawa, ON
K1N 6E2


Salamander Theatre – 2016 Summer Drama Camps
Offering young people interested in exploring theatre arts the opportunity to receive comprehensive training in an outdoor setting from our company’s seasoned professional artists since 1993!
Taking place at the picturesque Billings Estate Museum, Salamander Theatre offers Ottawa’s only outdoor drama summer camps for youth ages 10 to 18. Both the July Shakespeare Camp, and the August Musical Performance Camp will give emerging performers the opportunity to act, sing, dance, move, and work within an ensemble to bring the characters of their respective fun-filled plays to life! Both camps culminate in a beautiful outdoor evening performance for family and friends. To ensure the quality of the training and the experience, space is limited to 20 participants per program. A complimentary Salamander t-shirt is provided to each registered participant.

Camp Speciality:
Drama – Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well (July 4th – 22nd) & Musical Performance – Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid (August 8th – 19th)

Recommended Ages:
10-18 years old
Billings Estate Museum & Grounds (Camp is held on the grounds & in the Gatehouse)




Ayah Nannies

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Ayah Nannies is an experienced private Canadian Nanny Agency that offers live-in and live-out nanny services in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver for those families in need of childcare, elder care and home care. Ayah Nannies was launched to provide you a personal nanny that is matched to your specific family needs.
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Gatineau Newborn Photography

Studio in Gatineau, Quebec J8Z 1Y9
p. (613)371-4594

Specialized in newborn baby photography, and also offering maternity, child and family photography.

Located in the heart of Gatineau, we welcome residents from Aylmer, Hull, Cantley, Chelsea, Templeton, Buckingham, Wakefield, Ottawa, Orleans, Barrhaven, Nepean, Kanata, Stittsville, and surrounding areas.


Photographe specialisée en photographie de bébé, qui offre aussi la photographie de maternité, photographie d’enfants et portraits de famille.

Situé au centre de Gatineau, nous acceuillons des résidents d’Aylmer, Hull, Cantley, Chelsea, Templeton, Buckingham, Wakefield, Ottawa, Orléans, Barrhaven, Nepean, Kanata, Stittsville, et les régions avoisinantes.

Jennifer Clark & Associates

1050 Arnot Road, Ottawa, Ontario K2C 0H4

Angel Readings, Life Purpose Readings, Life Direction Coaching, Kid Coach, Career Counselling, Business Development, Space Clearings For Home/Office, Energy Healings For Transformation & Change

Tranquil Swan Holistic Health Services

117 Centrepointe Dr., Suite 255
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Kim Swan, CBP, Reiki Master, owner of Tranquil Swan Holistic Health Services provides services that improve well-being on a physical, mental and emotional level. Reiki and BodyTalk stimulate the body’s natural healing system to restore balance to the body-mind connection. To learn more about BodyTalk visit or to book your appointment.

Blackburn Hamlet Preschool

202 Glen Park Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1B5A3
p. (613)824-3251

We are a parent co-operative preschool offering morning and afternoon programs for children aged 18 months to 6 years. Blackburn Hamlet Preschool has served the communities of Blackburn Hamlet, Orleans, Beacon Hill, Chapel Hill, Navan and surrounding East Ottawa neighbourhoods for over 40 years. We are a non-profit organization administered by member parents and licensed annually by the Ministry of Education. Our programs provide child-centred, play-based learning activities in a warm and nurturing environment where children of all cultures and abilities are welcomed.

Doodles Day Care

4161 Kelly Farm Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K1T4H8

Home day care located in Findlay Creek. Structured daily activities, nutritious meals and snacks, outdoor play. Two spots available for children 24+ months.


Parent Support

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Compassionate support and strategies for your parenting challenges.

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Together, we can start working on positive tools to create a healthier, calmer, more connected home life.

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