Insects in Your House? Use Natural Ways to Get Rid Of Them

No one likes insects and bugs in their home. They are annoying, and many even carry viruses and infections. This doesn’t mean you should soak your entire home is something that is even more harmful than those pests.

According to EPA, Americans use at least one harmful pesticide inside their home every year. These pesticides are loaded with toxins that can make indoor air quality harmful for health. Thousands of children suffer from pesticide poisoning every year. Exposure to pesticides inside homes and schools can lead to numerous ailments of the respiratory system, gastrointestinal system, and even the nervous system.

Children who are exposed to these dangerous chemicals are 47 percent more likely to be diagnosed with leukemia. Not to mention, indoor pesticides are associated with higher risks of cancer in people of all ages. Continue reading

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Medieval Fest at Upper Canada Village

by Stephen Johnson Normally, a trip to Upper Canada Village means taking a step back about a 150 years in time. Our recent trip to the Village for a medieval festival, it meant going back about a 1000 years. When … Continue reading

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March Break Fun at Station 4 Saisons

This year Stephen Johnson and his family decided to visit the Station 4 Saisons sugar shack located about 30 minutes east of Ottawa. It was a March Break treat. Continue reading

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Importance of Colon Cancer Screening for Men

Do you know if your husband/partner/dad has been checked for colon cancer? Encourage the men in your life to request a take-home test! Here’s why. Continue reading

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Your Mental Health: Fresh Perspective

When you’re able to consider somebody else’s perspective, psychotherapist Cathy Lumsden says, you can get along better at home and at work. Continue reading

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Halloween Treat for the Grownups

Planning to give yourself a treat after all the October 31 hoopla is done? This fab dessert is a Halloween treat that’s swoon-worthy! It has health benefits too. Continue reading

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Weekend Eats: Tasty Fall Recipes to Try

Why serve the same-old same-old when you can whip up something delectable? These recipes will deliver a scrumptious dinner, plus kid-friendly snacks. Continue reading

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Have a Happy – and Safe – Halloween

This time next week, youngsters will be getting set to go out trick or treating. Here’s some advice to make this year’s Halloween outing extra fun and safe: Continue reading

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Great Gadgets and Finds for Families

These great gadgets and finds for families — eliminate BO! put out kitchen fires! find your car keys! — make everyday living better! Continue reading

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How Modern Moms Meet Other Moms

Modern moms have a unique opportunity to connect virtually with other moms. If you don’t belong to an online mom group, sign up, Alyssa Delle Palme recommends. Continue reading

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