Canadian wines, advocated by Chef Lynn Crawford

As a chef and host of the Food Network show “Pitchin’ In”, where she travelled cross-country for regional delights, Lynn Crawford is well known for her advocacy of local food choices. This season, she decided to branch out and put a dedicated focus on a distinct local resource: Canadian wines.

“While I’ve long been an advocate for local food and Canadian wine, this year I’ve decided to get out to wine country to do some further exploring to celebrate the amazing growth in local wines.” said Crawford.

She began her personal journey of discovery at Inniskillin, the original Canadian estate winery, which has vineyards in both Niagara-on-the-Lake and the Okanagan Valley. She chose Inniskillin for its pioneering history and its tradition of producing premium red and white wines, as well as world-class Icewines, for over 35 years.

“I was immediately impressed by the quality and taste of Inniskillin wines and its rich history in the Canadian wine industry,” said Crawford.

While exploring Canadian wines, she discovered the following notable facts about Canadian wine and Inniskillin in particular:

• Canada is the largest Icewine producer in the world and Inniskillin is well renowned as the world leader in the industry. Inniskillin Icewine is sold in over 72 countries and is the number one distributed wine in Global Travel Retail.

• Canada’s wine-making regions are found on the same latitude as other well-known and celebrated regions such as Burgundy, France; Chianti Classico, Italy and Rioja, Spain.

• On July 31, 1975, Inniskillin Wines incorporated and its founders Karl J. Kaiser and Donald J.P. Ziraldo were granted the first winery license in Ontario, Canada since prohibition in 1929.

• Inniskillin harvested its first Icewine from naturally frozen on the vine Vidal grapes from the winery site in 1984.

• Inniskillin received the most prestigious award in the wine world at Vin Expo, France—the Grand Prix d’Honneur for the 1989 Icewine. This award proved pivotal for the Canadian Wine Industry.

Crawford and Bruce Nicholson, Winemaker at Inniskillin, offer the following tips for pairing wine and food this fall:

• You don’t need to stick with the old rule that red wines go with red meat and white wines with white meat, take the opportunity to experiment. A lighter to medium bodied red like Pinot Noir pairs well with chicken, turkey etc. while a full bodied, oak aged Chardonnay pairs well with a hearty steak or roast beef.

• If you are serving a traditional turkey meal this Thanksgiving, the suggested red and white wines to complement it are: Inniskillin’s VQA Pinot Noir, CORE SERIES, or for a white wine, Inniskillin’s VQA Late Autumn Riesling, CORE SERIES.

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