Connaught PS Students Honour Volunteer



Lifelong Volunteer recognized with scapes

Jackie Barratt, now retired, has been a longtime volunteer at Connaught Public School in Hintonburg, beginning when her three children attended the school. Once an active parent volunteer Jackie is now retired but still volunteers to ensure Connaught students get the most out of their school and community. The students at Connaught Public School recently collaborated with a new digital word cloud tool, scapes, to create a gift for Jackie that recognizes all her hard work.

“A scape is a unique and collaborative way of honouring a special person, and with the end of the school year coming up we really wanted to give back to our community and recognize how important volunteers are to the school system,” says Corinne Lavictoire, CEO of Inex Inc., who donated the scape as a gift to Connaught Public School.


Jackie’s scape.


On June 14th the Connaught students presented Jackie with a scape that represented their thoughts and memories about her and the work she does at the school. As the breakfast coordinator words like grilled cheese came up a lot in Jackie’s scape, as well as characteristics such as thoughtful, caring, incredible and loving. The scape was printed on canvas and presented to Jackie during Connaught’s annual volunteer celebration assembly.

“As the breakfast coordinator Jackie is one of the first people students see every day,” said Amy Hannah, principal at Connaught Public School, in a recent CTV Morning Live Ottawa segment. “Jackie is a very warm individual who wants our students to be the best they can be, and she provides a loving start to the day.”


“She is always ready to help anyone and everyone,” said Liam Pavezka, one of the students who suggested the school create the scape as a gift for Jackie.

Corinne, Liam, and Amy appeared on CTV Morning Live this week to talk about the important role volunteers such as Jackie play in the lives of Ottawa students and Ottawa schools.

To find out more about Jackie and the gift the students created watch the CTV Morning clip here.



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