Cottage Weekend at Lac Simon Tourist Resort

Lac Simon

A beach, barbecue and warm summer day,  sounded like the perfect way to spend Father’s Day to me. Our family is always looking for interesting places to celebrate special events.  This year, we decided to rent a chalet at the Lac Simon Tourist Resort for Father’s Day.

Located about an hour and ten minutes north-east of Ottawa,  Lac Simon is one of the most beautiful lake-and-beach destinations in the region.  Our first stop was to load up on the essentials for a great cottage weekend: hamburgers and marshmallows.

Upon arrival,  I had a pleasant surprise.  I had not really paid attention when booking our chalet and did not realize it was literally steps from the beach.  It did not take long for our son, David,  to throw on his swim shorts and make his way to the beach.  My wife, Sandy and I were close behind with flip-flops and towels nudging out of our overflowing beach bag.  David dove into the cool water of Lac Simon to get a respite from the warm afternoon sun.

Lac Simon

Once David had tired of splashing around in the lake,  he wanted to hit the beach.  With a two-kilometre beach, there was plenty for David to explore.  He was a master architect building sand castles with elaborate canal networks only to be washed away by the relentless waves of the lake.  This did not matter to David as he went about creating his next masterpiece.


Even great artists need a break so we stopped for a soft ice cream at the beach pavilion.  One of the things that appealed to us about Lac Simon were all the activities for kids beyond just the beach and swimming.  Located near the pavilion and beach were also a trampoline,  climbing rock, slides and play structures.  David quickly found the trampoline.  I even took a few tentative tries on the trampoline!  Next, David scaled the climbing rock and was on to the slides.  He finished off his adventure at a play structure that was far more elaborate and interesting than found in most playgrounds.

Lac Simon

All of our beach activities had made us hungry so we headed back to the cabin for a barbecue. We caught up on the day’s activities over a great meal of roasted corn, hamburgers and yellow peppers.  Looking out over the lake,  I felt very fortunate to be a father on a perfect Father’s Day.   

Lac Simon

It should be noted that Lac Simon also offers many other activities that we simply did not have time to take in.   You can rent out different equipment to enjoy the water, such as  canoes, kayaks, and more.   There is both a hiking and cycling trail.   Lac Simon also offers an extensive children’s program with activities like crafts and movie nights.   It is guaranteed your family will not get bored.

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