Crazy for Making Forts

Now the kids can have their own hideaway or fort – without commandeering the dining room chairs…

Psssst. They’re hiding. And that’s a fun thing, indeed.  You’ve closed your eyes and counted to ten. Now it’s your job to seek the hiders, all the while trying to ignore the blanket fort that’s taken over the living room. Is that giggling you hear?
It is giggling. Hmmmm. Sounds like happy children. No wonder.
Is there anything more exciting than building a secret hiding place with blankets (…and treats and whispering) on a summer day? 

Now there’s an easy, creative way to do it without using the couch cushions, the coffee table and every sitting surface in the household. 

Crazy Fort comes with 69 balls and sticks to connect and create a fort structure. Just add bed sheets to enjoy this place for imaginations to explore. (It’s a great spot for favourite stuffies and imaginary friends.) 
Crazy Fort is recommended for children aged five to eight.
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