Dear Rachel Harper

Dear Rachel


There are some pretty big changes going on in your life right now, but I do want to thank you and your family for your efforts to make our country and our city, Ottawa, better. I know your mom has done a lot of good work for the Ottawa Humane Society and your dad? He’s done a lot of good too.


I hope you’re really proud of him. I don’t know much about politics – I’m not true blue or red or green or orange. I’m a mom, and what I do know is there has been a load of nasty stuff said and written and shared about your dad recently. Hurtful stuff to read, particularly on social media.


It mustn’t always be easy to have a famous parent. Especially when you’re a teenager. Unfortunately, people don’t seem to realize that when they fire off critical comments about public figures, those same people have kids and parents and family members who are active online too.


It must be frustrating and upsetting for you, particularly since all those commenters have never met your dad. They don’t know him. Neither do I. But I always smile when I think of you giggling when Rick Mercer went to your house for a sleepover. And I read a few days ago, in your dad’s own words, how very proud he is of you.


Like you, the guy who’s moving into your place grew up there. Who knows? Regardless of what party you choose, maybe someday you’ll return to 24 Sussex Drive as the prime minister.


I wish you and your family all the best.




Pam Dillon : )



Thank You.

Thank You.




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