Does your Kitchen Need a Makeover?

Who doesn’t lust after the kitchens in design magazines by the check-out line in the grocery store?
are drool-worthy. 

If you’re dreaming of an attractive, clutter-free space that will serve as the very centre of your home, you’ll love today’s design trends. Here’s a glimpse at the latest and best options to improve your kitchen’s style, form and functionality.

What’s popular for 2012?
“Anything that has a clean straight line is popular in the modern kitchen,” says Judy Sabourin, a designer for Deslaurier Custom Cabinets Inc.
Imagine kitchen cabinets that are without handles or that have handles you cannot see. It’s a sleek, unfussy look that’s also very eye-appealing. Cabinet doors open with a touch – no pulling, creaking or slamming.
One piece glass backsplashes and hidden appliances are also big news. Refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers and microwaves can be fronted to match cabinetry, giving the kitchen a more streamlined, cohesive look. It fits perfectly with how people live today – using the kitchen seamlessly, with other rooms, to cook, eat, socialize, entertain and do everything from homework to hobbies.
“The ‘less is more’ factor is huge in the modern kitchen,” Sabourin explains.

What’s new in colour, style, finishes and fixtures?
It’s all about uncluttered panache.
“Off whites are still popular, but greys are coming on strong,” the Deslaurier designer notes. “High gloss steel gray and light white/grey shades are particularly in demand. “In the modern kitchen, the less lines the better.”
Flat doors and pillow doors are the sought-after styles and quartz countertops are gaining popularity over granite. “People like the ‘never have to worry about maintenance’ factor with quartz.”
More and more Deslaurier clients are also asking for cabinets that can be opened without handles. “They like the clean look.” It’s a refreshing, uplifting change from the often cramped, yesteryear style of overflowing embellishment and a multitude of textures, surfaces and accessories. Your mother’s “kitcheny” kitchen is history. Modern designs flow beautifully with the rest of your home. Aesthetically pleasing while offering the best in convenience and functionality, they allow you to enjoy your kitchen any time of day.

User-friendly, comfortable and flexible
Ergonomics are important, the expert says. “The more drawers the better. People are putting everything in drawers – dishes, Tupperware, food.” Another popular trend is specially made drawers that go around a sink to use up as much wasted space as possible.
What’s the number one priority, now, when people are looking to build or renovate a kitchen?
“More and more people are wanting the ‘look’. They want clean lines. They want the ‘wow factor’ first and then the functionality,” Sabourin explains.
Deslaurier Custom Cabinets Inc. has added a new modern line to its catalogue. The local company also introduced its first true modern kitchen display at the Renovations Show last month and you can now see that display – and others – at the showroom.

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