Elmwood School

261 Buena Vista Road
Ottawa Ontario, K1M 0V9
Telephone Number: (613) 749-6761
Web: http://www.elmwood.ca/

When you look around our school, meet the girls, teachers and staff, you’ll see the Elmwood difference. Elmwood is a place where girls belong, where integrity and respect are paramount and where potential is realized.

What makes us unique?

  • Elmwood girls are continually outperforming academically, especially in math and science. Our standards are high, and our students don’t disappoint.
  • The academically rigorous International Baccalaureate Programme provides a world-class foundation in inquiry-based learning for all students, JK to Grade 12.
  • 100% university acceptance. Our girls go on to study at prestigious schools around the world.
  • Exceptional faculty who truly understand and respond to the ways girls learn and grow.
  • Elmwood feels like home. It is a safe, supportive place where girls can express themselves, build friendships and learn self confidence.
  • We encourage our students to take on leadership roles-to challenge themselves to step out of their comfort zones.
  • Global citizenship and social responsibility are not just buzz-words here. Our girls give back, to their community and beyond.
  • Arts, athletics, academics and a host of co-curricular activities ensure a rich and balanced lifestyle for every student.
  • Elmwood embraces digital learning and considers technology an essential teaching tool. Initiatives such as our 1:1 laptop program enhance the learning experience for digital natives-students are technologically confident and competent.


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