Family Constellation Workshop

Are you unconsciously reliving your family history via unhappy relationships, money problems or health issues? If you are, you’re not alone. And there’s expert help coming this way.

Discover how the words you use and the language you speak are clues to why you struggle at Mark Wolynn’s Family Constellation Workshop July 13 and 14 at St. Paul’s University.

Director of The Family Constellation Institute and the Hellinger Institute of Northern California, Wolynn specializes in working with depression, anxiety, fears, chronic pain and other conditions that are the residues of inherited family trauma. A world-renowned facilitator, he has helped countless people overcome life-debilitating ailments.

After all, we inherit more than eye color or height. We also inherit our family’s emotional patterns and we are profoundly affected by our family history. Traumatic events – such as abandonment, crime, suicide or the premature death of a parent, sibling or child — can exert a powerful influence over us, and in fact can leave their imprint on our entire family system for generations. These imprints then become the family blueprint, as family members unconsciously repeat the sufferings of the past. Anxiety, fear, financial worries, addictions, depression, illness and failed relationships can all be forms of our unconscious inheritance.

“It’s a common theme we see all the time: sad mother, sad daughter… alcoholic father, alcoholic son… the relationship difficulties of the parents mirrored by the children,” says Wolynn.

Developed by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, family constellation work is an effective therapeutic process that helps to break these destructive family patterns. The family constellation approach is becoming one of the most rapidly expanding forms of therapy in the world and is practiced in more than 35 countries.

“Unconscious family loyalties, unresolved family traumas and hidden dynamics are carried in the words we speak, the symptoms we express and the body defenses we unknowingly construct. By participating in a family constellation workshop, we can break unconscious patterns so that we can live healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives. In a moment of insight, a new life direction can emerge. The results can be life-changing,” says Wolynn.

After spending 20 years studying how trauma and language intersect, Wolynn discovered a connection between the language clients use and the struggles they experience. “The right question can break long-standing patterns of family suffering.”

For registration or more information regarding the Family Constellation workshop, contact Suzanne Winlove-Smith at or call 613 805-0022.




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