Family mini-vacay at Calabogie Lodge

Calabogie Lodge

by Stephen Johnson

Besides the turkey and pumpkin pie,  it has become part of our family’s yearly tradition to get away for Thanksgiving. This year, we decided to visit Calabogie Lodge, located about an hour and ten minutes from Ottawa.

Before we visited,  the only things I knew about Calabogie was that it was situated near a ski hill and lake.  Driving into the town,  I was surprised by the diverse shops and businesses including a micro-brewery and several quality restaurants. We pulled into Calabogie Lodge and discovered a little slice of paradise. Nestled beside Calabogie Lake, with the trees in the surrounding hills just starting to change color,  the scenery at Calabogie Lodge looked like a Group of Seven painting.

Calabogie Lodge

The hiking and the view are noteworthy in Calabogie.

Once we had checked into our room,  we set off to go explore. The ski hill is only about a five minute drive from Calabogie Lodge. While there was no snow,  the weather and conditions were perfect for a hike.  Naturally David wanted to hike to the top of the hill. We found a good pathway and gradually made our way to the top.  After about forty-five minutes of hiking, we reached the summit and were treated to spectacular views of the Ottawa Valley. There are also multiple hiking trails surrounding the hill allowing for a full day of hiking.

After our descent, we were ready to eat. Our suite at Calabogie Lodge had a full kitchen and fridge. We had brought supplies to make spaghetti so we prepared a hearty meal of pasta and my wife’s secret spaghetti sauce. There is also a restaurant onsite if you do not feel like cooking. The restaurant also features many live music acts on weekends.

Once we finished our pasta,  it was time to take care of our aching muscles.  The lodge features a swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna – the perfect antidote to sore muscles.  David still had energy to burn so started swimming laps in the pool. Sandy and I spent the time relaxing in the jacuzzi. One added feature we appreciated was that the pool was enclosed with glass walls and ceiling meaning we could see the vibrant sunset and subsequent moon.

Calabogie Lodge

We felt rejuvenated from our time in the water so we went to check out the games room located near the pool.  David has become something of an expert at foosball and air hockey.  He quickly put his skills to work defeating Sandy and me in both games.

After an evening of fun, we returned to our suite to watch some tv and retire early after a fun-filled day.  Our mini-vacation in Calabogie from jobs and school had given us something very important – time to have fun together as a family.

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