Five tips for a 5-minute breakfast

One of the most common excuses for not eating breakfast is the lack of time. But it is necessary for your whole family to eat a balanced breakfast to have energy for concentration throughout the day. Here are some tips to make sure you get a balanced breakfast—and get out the door in time each morning.

1. Prepare in advance

Prepare the night before or even on the weekends. Homemade muffins are a great addition to a balanced breakfast, and if you prepare them on Sunday they can last all week.

2. Plan ahead

Make a breakfast menu for the week and post it on the fridge. That way you can make sure you have all of the necessary ingredients and you don’t have to put a lot of thought into it during the morning rush.

3. Keep it simple

Keeping breakfast simple is the key to success. “There are many items that you can grab and go to make a balanced breakfast,” says registered dietician, Jodi Robinson. “Sample foods include bananas, drinkable yogurt, homemade muffins, hard-boiled eggs, and slices of whole grain bread spread with Nutella made into a half-sandwich.”

4. Get kids involved

If your kids are old enough to make their own breakfast, encourage them to do so. By keeping a bowl of fresh, washed fruit on the counter and whole grain breads and cereals handy, older children can prepare their own balanced breakfasts. This will give them the knowledge they need to make their own healthy breakfast choices throughout life.

5. Breakfast smoothies

Smoothies are a great way to kill two birds with one stone – or two food groups in one glass. Blend your child’s favourite fruit and yogurt, serve with a bran muffin on the side, and your child gets three out of the four food groups to make a balanced breakfast.

For more tips and tricks on helping your family get a balanced breakfast visit The Breakfast Table – an inclusive community for Canadians to share tips, get expert advice and learn all about the importance of a well-balanced breakfast. For each person that ‘Likes’ The Breakfast Table, Nutella will donate another $1 to Breakfast for Learning to a maximum of $10,000. Visit to learn more.

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