Medela Freestyle hands free breast-pump

Breast is Best!

As most of you probably know, these days, “breast is best.” Breastfeeding for a baby’s first six months is undeniably better than using formula. (Unless there’s a medical reason not to do so) Continuing breast-feeding exclusively after the first six month is all the better.
That’s because breast milk– is formulated by Mother Nature its self, and offers so many benefits.

Breast-feeding boosts your baby’s immune system by providing antibodies against certain illness, promotes brain and vision development and a healthy digestive tract. It potentially can also reduce the risk of a few diseases later in life–diabetes, some types of cancer, obesity, high cholesterol, and asthma. Breast milk changes over time, even during the course of a day to meet the specific needs of a growing baby. Bonus Ladies – breast-feeding helps moms to return to their pre-baby figure faster, and may decrease the risk of breast cancer, and even osteoporosis.

A breast pump definitely comes in handy during the breast-feeding period. Sometimes the breasts can become so full that a baby may have trouble latching on, and the solution is to express some milk with a breast pump. A breast pump also allows you to store milk (in bottles or storage bags) for later, and then bottle-feed it to your baby.

Breast pumps are a must have for any mom. The number one in the market place today is the new Freestyle by Medala.

Freestyle hands free breast-pump

Freedom is born

Introducing our newest breakthrough — Freestyle is our first hands-free, double-electric pump. It’s the performance you expect from Medela in an innovative pump that fits in the palm of your hand and includes thoughtful features that provide true mobility, freedom and flexibility. Inspired by pumping moms… freedom is born.

For frequent use – Double pumping – Electric/Rechargeable Ion battery power

Technologically advanced, the Freestyle breastpump seamlessly adapts to simplify and enhance the breastfeeding experience for mom and her baby.

  • Reduced pumping times so mom have more time for what matters
  • Maintain her milk supply and ensure her baby gets the very best for as long as she choose
  • Maximize mom time with the option to pump while doing other activities


Accessories for your pump


A revolutionary new feeding solution designed exclusively for breastfed babies. With the Calma feeding solution, a baby can finally apply the same feeding behaviour learned at the breast, when consuming expressed breastmilk. This allows for seamless transition between breast and Calma, and back to breast again.

  • Baby maintains control of feeding session
  • Breastmilk flow stops when baby wants to pause & breathe
  • Just like mothers breast stays the same throughout the entire breastfeeding duration, so does Calma


Medela Bottles

Simplifies the breastpumping experience by integrating seamlessly with all Medela breastpumps and the Calma Feeding Solution, thereby reducing preparation times.

  • Designed to store and protect your breastmilk through all the stages of refrigeration, freezing and warming
  • Maintains breastmilks complex life enhancing beneficial properties
  • BPA-Free*


Pump N Save bags

Simplifies the breastfeeding experience by integrating seamlessly with all Medela breastpumps. Simply express the milk, label the bag and pop it in the fridge.

  • Pump milk directly into the bag, preventing milk loss
  • Takes up less space than breastmilk bottles
  • Pre-sterilized and ready to use


Quick Clean Micro-Steam bags
Disinfect breastfeeding accessories such as bottles and breastshields in less than three minutes.  Compact and easy to use, Quick Clean Micro-Steam bags eliminate 99.9% of all harmful bacteria in just 3 minutes.

  • Disinfects in just 3 minutes
  • Steam cleaning kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria
  • Small and easy to store



Disposable Bra pads

Medela’s Disposable Bra Pads are specially designed for moderate to excessive breastmilk leakage.

  • keeps skin surface dry, helping to prevent moisture related infections and skin damage
  • soft, super absorbent pads wick and lock away breastmilk
  • ultra-thin contoured design hides discreetly out-of-sight beneath clothes


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