Fun New Outdoor Game

Looking for something new to do on these lazy, crazy days of summer? Try Rollors, an award-winning game your crew is apt to love. A fun outdoor activity, Rollors can be entertaining for the entire family. Players “roll” disks at the goal and points are awarded to the player/team that positions their disks closest to the goal. Think of it as a cross between Bocce ball, horseshoes, and lawn bowling. There’s skill involved, but also an element of chance, and this game can be played in different variations to suit the crowd and the circumstances—whether you’re at a barbecue, a family reunion, at the beach or the park or in your neighbour’s backyard.  It’s easy to pack and go, too. Setup takes just seconds on grass or in the sand.

No wonder Rollors has won nearly a dozen awards.

Little ones can play a basic game, two people can play, teams can play, and more challenging versions can be played by lengthening the distance between goals, adding a twist to the rules, or setting up goals on terrain that is not level. You can  even add obstructions, such as a tree or bush, between the two goals.

The game was created by U.S. Air Force Officer Matt Butler during his downtime between deployments in the Middle East. See for details. 

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