Fun Summer Activities for the Family on a Budget

Summer vacation is the perfect time for you and your family to explore a new hobby and spend some time together outdoors. If you’re trying to plan some fun-filled summer days without breaking the family budget, take advantage of what your local landscape has to offer—and to get some budget- and kid-approved ideas, read our list of activities the whole family can enjoy.

Catch a Movie

Movies are entertainment the entire family can agree on, and summer is full of some of the year’s biggest blockbusters. To take your family’s movie night to the next level, make it a summer tradition to catch the newest flick at your local drive-in. Drive-in theaters are perfect for those warm summer nights—bring a blanket and some lawn chairs and pack your own picnic. Invite some of your friends and family to join, and turn the evening into a sort of picnic potluck. The best part? Drive-in theaters are a fraction of the price of your average movie theater.

Pitch a Tent

Warm weather is the perfect opportunity for your family to embrace the great outdoors. If you’re camping veterans, pick a destination the whole family will love and off you go. If camping isn’t exactly your thing, get the best of both worlds and pitch a tent in your own backyard. Enjoy all the luxuries and conveniences of home mixed with the excitement of sleeping outside. Turn off all of the house lights teach your kiddos about the constellations. If age appropriate, tell some spooky urban legends or ghost stories. And visit Nabisco for instructions on how to make s’mores at a backyard campout.

Go for a Swim

During summer, swimming is the perfect activity to have fun and be active. To find your nearest swimming hole, check out this list compiled by USA Today. Whether you’re looking for a nice spot to catch some rays, wade in a shallow pool or participate in some exciting water sports, going to the lake can be a great all-day event. Make a day of it and pack meals, snacks and plenty of water. If you’re planning to take a boat ride, ensure you have life vests for everybody. Be sure to take along a first aid kit, plenty of sunscreen, hats and sunglasses. Revant Optics carries replacement lenses, too, which are handy to have along.

Visit the Farm

Treat your kids to some old-fashioned fun by letting them pick their own fruits and vegetables. Make a trip out of it and pack food and blankets for a fun picnic. Get your kids excited by making a list of all the exciting dishes you can create with your picked goods, such as jams, fruit-infused ice cream, pies and more. Teach them about farming and the seasonal fruits that grow on each farm. Visit Pick Your Own to find a farm near you.

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