Fun to come with the Harlem Globetrotters

For the first time ever, fans – yes you – get to call the shots when the Harlem Globetrotters come to town. How cool is that? The Globetrotters are bouncing into Scotiabank Place Thursday, April 11 and the new show, You Write The Rules, is just as it sounds: you get to decide a new rule added to Globetrotters basketball.

What’s it going to be? Six on five? Double points? A four-point shot? Two ball basketball? (Now that would be interesting!) Whatever the choice, it’ll be a rule that could affect the outcome of the game. You can vote now for the rule you want to see when you go to watch them play at 7 p.m.  April 11. Just take the kids online to, pick our city, and vote for their favorite, craziest rule. Get your tickets to the game, and at the show the Globetrotters will reveal which rules won and put them into play.

This new spin on basketball fun is all part of the Globetrotters’ brand of hilarious, family-friendly antics and athletic entertainment. The bonus? You can save $7 on tickets when you use the promo code HGMOM. Enter the code into the “presale” box at the top of the page (some restrictions apply):

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