Fun Way to Teach Kids about Bullying

You’ve gotta love Jennifer Schreiber’s new picture book, MONDAY AT JELLY ROLL DOG PARK. Not only are the illustrations by John LaFree, an artist known for his whimsical and humorous pet portraits, but the story itself is fun, engaging and—most importantly—meaningful for little ones.

Monday at Jelly Roll Dog Park teaches kids how to face a bully the Muttley way. Jennifer’s inspiration to write this children’s book about bullying came from her desire to introduce the term to children at a younger age, and to have them learn the lessons through characters that they could learn to know and instantly love—dogs!

A 38-page storybook, it introduces a group of dog friends who gather daily at Jelly Roll, the neighborhood dog park in New Orleans. When a new dog, Muttley, arrives at the park, not everypawdy is nice. In fact, Muttley is ostracized by the cool pups because he isn’t a purebred; thankfully, he is befriended by Jelly Roll’s guardian angel, Daisy Mae the bulldog. Daisy Mae is a former friend of Jelly Roll’s in-crowd. Still, Muttley finds his way in this crowd of not-so-friendly peers. And through discovering his own strengths, he rises above the bullying and earns the respect of the other dogs.

This book would make a great Christmas or birthday gift and it’s perfect for bedtime and cuddle-time story reading together. It’s published by Inkshares and you can purchase it here.

Jelly Roll 1


Jelly Roll 2


Jelly Roll 3


Jelly Roll 4

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