Get the Garden Started

Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow…

A great way to get your kids interested in gardening is to begin before spring has completely sprung. Allow your little ones to help decide which veggies or flowers they want to see in your family garden this year and then get started. Propagating kits are a quick and easy way to get your garden going while the ground is still frozen. Most contain cell packs, a tray for the packs, and a plastic cover. Look at your calendar with your kids to figure out your region’s last predicted frost date and count back the number of weeks recommended by the seed packets. Just remember not to get the kits going too soon in the season or the plants will get too leggy and overgrown before they can be taken out to the garden. (Many gardeners suggest choosing the minimum timeframe suggested by the seed packet to ensure good transplant success.) Because plants can look so much alike, be sure to label each cell pack with the appropriate plant name so there is no confusion between your carrots and your kale.

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