Going to the zoo zoo zoo…You?

If you’ve never ever been to the Toronto Zoo or you haven’t been for a while, well, what are you “lion” about for? March Break is a great time to make a beeline for the GTA attraction and spend a howling good day getting to know all sorts of four-legged animals. No monkeying around!

The zoo offers extended hours for March Break: 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily from Saturday, March 9 to Sunday, March 17. And kids of all ages will be thrilled with all the critters and exhibits!

You’ll see Western lowland gorillas, Arctic wolves, majestic polar bears and African white lions. How about getting eyeball to eyeball with a  Komodo dragon? The largest and heaviest of the lizards, it’s well muscled and covered with non-overlapping scales. You’ll find it—and its mates—down under in the Australasia Pavilion!

If you’ve been wishing you could be in a sultry locale for the annual spring break, viola. Stop by one of the five tropical pavilions; they’re bursting with animals, plants and sea life. Or grab a hot chocolate and take in one of the educational and fun daily Keeper Talks. In honour of March Break, the zoo is also offering visitors a daily promotional offer (click here for details)!

For details, check torontozoo.com.

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