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Pack Wisely for Your End-of-Summer Holiday

Heading away for an end-of-August family holiday? Don’t let the lazy hazy days of summer trip you up. While a relaxed attitude is wonderful for vacation time, you do want to wait until you reach your destination to turn on cruise-control.
Sure, “winging it” is fun, until you arrive in Halifax without your daughter’s asthma medication or your toddler’s blankie.  
Now that’s not fun.
To avoid a family escapade that’s memorable for all the wrong reasons, pack carefully and wisely. It’s great when the kids want to pack their own suitcases, but it’s smart to check them before they land in the trunk. You may come across a whole load of DVDs or books or dolls or collector cards, but zero socks and underwear. Make a list and check it twice.

To Take List

  • Medications
  • Identification/passports
  • Money/traveller’s cheques
  • Cell phones
  • Toiletries, sewing kit and pocket-size stain remover
  • Clothes to wear for dress-up/if it’s cold or raining/ when it’s 33 degrees in the shade
  • Sturdy shoes for lots of walking
  • Hats/towels/swimsuits/sunscreen
  • Books/games/cards and techno-gadgets to keep the younger set occupied in the car and elsewhere
  • Blankie or beloved stuffed animals
  • First aid kit, including pain medication, antiseptic, bandages, tweezers, scissors, anti-diarrhea medication, antacid, medicinal relief for nausea and vomiting, a flashlight and a blanket
  • Car treats, including bottled water, juice and healthy snacks
  • A box of tissue for the car
  • A smile and your sense of humour.



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