Great Family Finds

It’s no secret potty training is easier in the summer when children are wearing fewer clothes. (Less laundry, natch!) Kandoo Flushable Wipes can help this sometimes-messy endeavor be a success. Not only do they clean better than toilet paper alone, Kandoo wipes are the perfect size for toddlers and come in a tub that’s easy for little hands to open. Other Kandoo products designed for toddlers include a foam hand soap that allows tots (and parents) to see when hands are truly covered in soap. Perfect for after the potty! See

Is your little one sick from the heat or battling a summer cold? One of the hardest battles is with the fever; rising body temperature causes discomfort, pain and sleeplessness that can take a toll on both mom and tot. Be Kool Kids non-medicated cooling gel sheets offer eight hours of cooling comfort. Yep, the kid can sleep. Decorated with Disney characters and safe to use in combination with meds, these sheets reduce skin temperature by up to four degrees. Perfect for summer family travel, they don’t require refrigeration and you’ll find them at retail outlets.
 Are you concerned about what goes in your kid’s mouth? Tom’s of Maine’s new Wicked Cool! natural toothpaste contains only a handful of high quality naturally-derived ingredients. It cleans gently with a mild mint taste and it’s a great option to help kids aged eight and up transition from the fruity flavours they enjoyed as lils to the strong mint flavours used in adult toothpaste. See



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