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Hydaway Collapsible Water Bottle

The Hydaway collapsible water bottle is handy for the school crowd. Students simply squish down and stick the collapsible, reusable bottle in their pocket after they nish drinking. is foldable bottle is made of food-grade silicone and plastic. It is third-party certified safe and it can go in the dishwasher. See


Mini Firefighter

Mini Firefighter is a portable, eco-friendly fire extinguisher that’s as compact and easy to use as a can of hairspray. It works on four types of fire: solid (wood, fabric, cardboard, plastic), hydrocarbons (petrol, diesel, solvents), electrical (tested to 35,000 volts) and oil/grease (cooking oils, grease, animal fat).

Having this home fire extinguisher on hand makes putting out a fire easy and straightforward. Since it’s small, you can store it in a drawer in the kitchen; eighty per cent of house fires start from oil and grease in the kitchen. See

Keyport Pivot

Keyport Pivot is part key organizer, part multi-tool and part tracker, so you never lose your keys again. The Pivot keeps everything from keys, a USB memory stick, pocketknife and flashlight stashed in a sleek modular stack. Best of all, there’s an optional
low-energy Bluetooth locator so finding your lost keys will be a snap. See


freshback is the first and only laundry treatment that eliminates
body odours at the source and prevents them from returning for a
year. While providing the highest level of hygiene, freshback allows you to stay body-odour-free during and after any kind of activity. It’s available at Mountain Equipment Co-op and The Running Room. ◆

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