Hello Spring, Are You There?

By Crystal McLeod

Today is April 4. (I know, duh – your calendar already shows you that!).

This time last year I walked around barefoot in my front yard, feet grazing the grass, as I readied my flower beds for the upcoming planting season. I was seeing the tulips, daffodils and irises budding up through the earth. Birds were chirping. Greenery was starting to take its form. Kids were running around outside, not really having to worry about mud since the snow had melted so quickly back in the beginning of March.

That’s not so much the case this year. Two days ago it was windy, it snowed and it was -3. Today, I look out my window to a huge snow bank in front of my window. Snow is covering my lawn. There’s snow in the sandbox. Snow is in my flowerbeds. Snowsuits are hanging by the door. Snow. I see snow all around me.

I know this is nothing new. From jokes on Twitter about Mother Nature to complaints on Facebook about the winter-like weather and snow still here, if you are in Eastern Ontario you know all about it.

Here are my reasons for writing about why I am yearning for spring to show its pretty little head already!

  1. I am eager for greenery! I want trees to be budding and flowers to be growing and not to see white outside ever again. Or at the very least not for another 7-8 months!
  2. I am ready for my house to be rid of the darn colds/flus/viruses! This fall and winter have been the worst ever for my household! Just last week my daughter and I both came down with a gastro flu that lasted for about 24 hours and wiped us clean off our feet. It seems like one of the four of my family members has basically been sick since October. Enough already! Come on spring – let me open all my windows wide and cleanse my house of it!
  3. I am not a lover of winter. I am pretty open about that. I tend to get the “winter blahs” and am ready to be able to get outside and just enjoy my beautiful yard again! I want to get back into my happy, chipper spring and summer spirit and move past this long, dreadfully snowy winter!
  4. I long for flip flops and no snow suits. Enough said there!
  5. Fresh fruit and veggies and planting my garden! Kids running around outside! I want to be outside – and not in Sorel boots and parkas!
  6. Because, gosh darn it, I am Canadian and I like to complain about the weather!! LOL

So Mother Nature, if you are listening and reading this, which I am sure you are, please please PLEASE get the show on the road! There are a lot of Ontarians who are ready to throw you a huge party when you finally make your grand arrival! 😉
Crystal is a work-at-home-mom to two beautiful little children and a wife to one! Together with her family, Crystal resides just outside of the nation’s capital in the Ottawa Valley. Not that moms get a lot of spare time, but when she does, Crystal is busy as a co-founder of Ottawa Valley Moms and you can find her corresponding daily with their followers via social media outlets.

Never a dull moment doing the most important job there is – raising your family!

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