Holiday Shopping: Smart Picks

Shopping for something special to give the kids of all ages in your life? These items — from the Jewish version of Elf on the Shelf to a hockey-inspired board game — are sure to please.

Finally, the Jewish version of Elf on the Shelf! Kippah Kantor is an adorable doll/book set that teaches kids to make good choices and do mitzvahs (good deeds). When the doll arrives it is given a name. Kippah Kantors watch day and night to see all the things kids do right. Each night, the Kippah Kantor hides around the house for kids to find the next day. See

 SuperME is a collection of personalized superhero-inspired products that combine functionality and fun. Choose from hooded and cape backpacks, luggage, cape-n-nap travel blankets/ pillows and lunchboxes. Each SuperME item comes with Velcro patches that can be personalized, as well as a mask allowing your little one to truly embrace the hero within. SuperME donates a portion of its proceeds to support PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center. See


Stork Babies are bean-bag dolls that are the size of a matchbox. Each doll comes with a name and a positive saying. They’re made by The Fiammetta Toy Co. Inc. whose philosophy is to empower children and to build their self-esteem so they feel confident and positive about the world around them. See

Rink Ratz: The Hockey Card Game is a new way to play hockey. An educational, strategic game that’s made in Canada, it has three levels of play, Rookie, Junior and Pro, and it can be played with two or four players. For Ottawa retailers carrying Rink Ratz, see 8+


The entire Olivia collection is available for the first time in a collectible box set. This assortment of treasured tales includes all seven of Ian Falconer’s award-winning and critically-acclaimed Olivia stories, starring everyone’s favorite precocious pig.  ISBN-13: 9781442482999.

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