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Looking for family friendly products for 2013 – T-Fal as some of the most innovative on the market today.


The NutriCook®, is an innovative new product from T-fal that uses pressurized steam to prepare a variety of healthy and succulent dishes with little or no fat and preserves water-soluble vitamins and minerals that would be lost through boilin

g. Featuring four different programs that adjust to the unique cooking times and temperatures for vegetables, starches, meat and fish, the machin

e also comes with a recipe book that includes 48 recipes for easy to follow healthy balanced meals.The Nutricook also has a wide range of cooking settings including steam, water, roasting and simmering for soups, stews, roasts and desserts. The Nutricook comes with a recipe book that includes 48 recipes for easy to follow healthy balanced meals. $299.99, available at The Bay, Sears, Home Outfitters, Costco.ca and on www.t-fal.ca.




Part of the Nutritious and Delicious range of practical appliances, ActiFry uses a patented technology that requires much more less oil than conventional cooking techniques; drastically reducing overall fat content. Featuring an exclusive system that ensures even distribution of heat., the device’s mixing arm spreads the small amount of oil uniformly to create a crisp outerlayer so you can be confident your dish will be cooked to perfection without the need for constant supervision, making it perfect for entertaining. In addition, a digital timer and lockable lid mean you can leave it unattended without the risk of hot oil jumping from the pan or overcooking. To ensure quick and easy cleaning, Actifry has a removable pan, mixing arm and lid that are all dishwasher safe. To inspire the preparation of better-balanced and tastier meals, ActiFry comes with 60 easy to make recipes ideas and already has a passionate online community of fans.

The ActiFry retails for $299 and is available at The Bay, Walmart, Home Outfitters, Sears. For additional recipes or to find the nearest retailer visit www.nutritious-delicious.ca.


Optisteam Professional Garment Steamer

1st Steamer on the market with ALL commands on the handle!

  • Powerful 1500 Watts for professional steaming results.
  • Five variable steam settings to adjust to fabric options, located conveniently on the handle for better performances.
  • Durable steam hose with protective cover preventing injury from excess heat.
  • Fast 60 second heat up time.
  • Auto-Off function for added safety.
  • Large 2.6L removable water tank.
  • Integrated hanger with rotary movement for easy storage and adjustable Dual clip system for pants.


$139.99, Available at The Bay, Home Outfitters and Walmart.



Fresh Express

To help bring fruits and veggies back to the table, T-fal introduces Fresh Express, a new appliance that makes it easier than ever to incorporate fresh veggies & fruits into every meal.

Compact and easy to store, the Fresh Express includes five unique cones for slicing, shredding and grating. While in use, blades are entirely incased so even small children can help prepare family meals risk-free. The Fresh Express components are also dishwasher safe; while the innovative design allows vegetables to be sliced directly into the serving dish for one-step salads and easy clean-up.

The Fresh Express retails for $119.99 and consumers will have access to a multitude of recipes online (www.t-fal.ca/Fresh_Express.htm). The convenient kitchen tool will be available online, www.t-fal.ca and in mass, department and specialty stores across Canada starting March 2013.



Natura is T-fal’s new line of eco-friendly cookware made from 100% recycled aluminum. Upholding the brand’s reputation for quality and performance, the new line also reduces the overall environmental footprint by 71% through the manufacturing process and 25% over the life cycle of the product.  Economical and durable, Natura’s recycled compound makes it lightweight and naturally resistant with a lifespan equal to comparable T-fal cookware. In addition to maintaining the brand’s high standards for durability, heat conductivity and anti-warping properties, Natura also includes the brand’s exclusive non-stick coating and trademark Thermo-spot.


Natura pans are available in small (20cm) SMRP:$13.97, Medium (24cm) SMRP: $16.97 and Large (30cm) SMRP: $19.97 sizes for all your cooking needs. The environmentally friendly line is available exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide


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