How’s Your Child’s Classroom Vision?

Clear eyesight and healthy vision are important in ensuring your children have success in the classroom, and yet they are factors many parents forget to consider. The majority of children learn the most from what they see, so your children’s classroom vision and how much they learn are intrinsically linked. 

If your children are experiencing poor eyesight, they’ll likely begin to struggle with their studies and start to have problems with their capacity to process information.

“It is uncommon for children themselves to realize they are having issues with their sight,” says Karim Hakimi, owner and founder of Hakim Optical. “Without parents arranging for a comprehensive eye exam, vision problems in young students will often go undiagnosed.”

While all children should undergo an eye exam, there are a number of signs parents should watch for because they indicate an immediate need for a visit an eye doctor:

– constantly sitting too close to the TV

– complaining of headaches or tired eyes

– squinting or tilting the head to see better

– holding a book too close to their eyes

– losing their place while reading

– using a finger to guide their eyes when reading.

With one in four school-aged children experiencing vision problems, it’s important to note that vision tests alone cannot determine all of the ways your son or daughter may be struggling to see.

“A simple vision test will not determine if your child is having trouble focusing on things in front of them or is seeing clearly for the entire day,” adds Mr. Hakimi, “It cannot let you know if your child gets headaches while they read, is seeing things in double, or if they can follow the words on the page in front of them – while a comprehensive eye exam can.”

If left untreated, vision problems can affect children’s learning ability, personality and confidence in school.

Even in circumstances where they suffer only slightly, if there is no proper vision correction they are likely to experience recurring headaches and eyestrain.

If you are unsure whether your children are having vision problems, the best thing to do is talk to an expert and schedule an appointment with an ophthalmologist or optometrist. Experts at places like Hakim Optical, now celebrating its 50th anniversary, can answer any and all of your eyesight questions and ease any concerns you may have.

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