Incentives to do Energy-Saving Renos

We all know there are a variety of incentive programs designed to encourage energy conservation. The trouble is knowing how to find the right program for the right location, building type or energy-efficiency upgrade. To simplify the search, NAIMA Canada has updated its website to include an easy-to-use source for information on energy saving incentives and rebates across Canada.

After answering basic questions about their building type, province/territory, and utility company, users are presented with a list of relevant programs.

“Increasing the insulation levels in a building helps lower energy bills from the day it is installed,” notes Jay Nordenstrom, executive director of NAIMA Canada. “Taking advantage of additional cost-saving opportunities only increases the payback.”

Many of the programs can be utilized for other energy-saving initiatives, which can be done at the same time as re-insulating.

 “While NAIMA Canada does not guarantee you will qualify for the programs on the website, your research will likely be quicker than your previous efforts,” Nordenstrom adds.

The website will be updated to deliver current information from across Canada. Visit the Incentives & Rebates page to find the best opportunities on your next energy-saving renos.

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