Jack and Lily Footwear for Little Feet


Passionate designers and manufacturers of Footwear for Little Feet

Have you heard of the oh-so-adorable Jack & Lily Footwear for Little Feet? Believe it or not, “Jack & Lily” actually have a mother – a Vancouver, Canada mom to be exact – and it all started because she had finally seen enough.

Brenda Buell was in her early thirties and pregnant with her second child. “Wherever I went, whatever I saw, the quality and style of baby footwear was simply lacking – and certainly not worth the prices they were asking. It was depressing.” Frustrated, Brenda became certain she could do better. Over a period of several months Brenda found a leather manufacturer, got hold of some “short ends” (leftover leather from the making of coats or belts) and went to work hand-stitching the very first Jack & Lily shoes. “I had learned to sew early on. Naturally, this sort of led me to fashion school, which I fell in love with. Being a new mom was obviously demanding but because I came from such a strong design/create background some of the steps were a little easier.” Brenda had also spent more than a few years working behind a counter in retail. “I just knew moms deserved better when it came to the first shoes their children would ever put on…I had to do something.”

My_Mocs_3DDetermined to succeed, and willing to do whatever it takes, Brenda went door-to-door, pitching her infant, baby and toddler shoes to whatever small, local business would listen. Their response shocked her. “These were mom & pop stores. They rarely took chances on new products but I sold out everything! I couldn’t believe it! The desire for quality construction and fashionable, hip design was overwhelming. They begged for more.” Jack & Lily grew steadily from there. “Each year we would offer more styles and more options. People would respond – buying not just for themselves, but for their friends and family too.” Jack & Lily has gone on to become a global brand known for its whimsically stylish – and very fun – exclusive footwear for the babe-to-toddler set. But what about that name?

“Jack was my first born, so when the doctor said I was pregnant with a little girl I just knew Lily was the only name for her. Here I was, mom to one, pregnant with another – what else could I name my new little business? So ‘Jack & Lily’ the company was born. The funny thing was that my doctor turned out to be wrong. Instead of a little girl we had another baby boy, my precious Finn. So ‘Lily’ was actually ‘Finn.’ He still rolls his eyes whenever I tell that story.”

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