JMSS students present Strut Fashion Show

The third annual Strut Fashion Show is taking place this Thursday, November 24, at John McCrae Secondary School in Barrhaven.  You don’t want to miss it.

What makes this fashion show unique is that the designs, custom creations, sound, lighting and music are all the work of students. The stage presentation is student focused and student run, with assistance from parent volunteers and staff members. 


And it promises to be spectacular. You’ll see clothing made of everything from CDs to window blinds. You’ll also experience a celebration of creativity and art. Not only does the program feature fashion, it also includes poetry, dance, music and even a bake sale!

Lead parent volunteer Jill Reeves says, “The STRUT Fashion Show is a creative collaboration of students from all grades at John McCrae Secondary School (JMSS).  Over 100 students come together to put on a multi-discipline art show.”

An annual event, The Strut Fashion Show is supported by the JMSS School Council and it’s a fundraiser for students in need of basic necessities. Money earned is administered by Student Services. 

To date, the event has raised $3,400 for students in need and this year’s goal is $2,000. The theme of Strut Fashion Show 2014 is retro and the action starts at 7 p.m. John McCrae Secondary School is located at 103 Malvern Drive. 

For a quick overview of what a Strut Fashion Show looks like – check out this link.



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