Journey To The DARKSIDE: Supermom Goes Home

 What happens when Corporate Mom hangs up her power suit?
You’ll laugh out loud at author Kathy Buckworth’s take on stay-at-home mothering

Award winning writer, speaker and television personality Kathy Buckworth takes a hard yet hilarious look at the culture shock that results when high-powered corporate moms decide to hang up their  briefcases and venture into the uncharted waters of the stay-at-home world.
Think you’re a pro at dealing with office politics? Wait until you attend your first PTA meeting. Confident in your ability to make sound wardrobe choices? Don’t listen too closely to what the other stay-at-home moms are saying at the park. Expect your husband to help out when you’re feeling under the weather? Ha! Part guidebook, part warning, this book is insightful, laugh-out-loud funny and brutally honest. It will have moms (stay-at-home or otherwise) roaring — which is a good thing, because otherwise, they might want to cry.

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