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At the Glebe Kumon Centre, we believe that all children have the potential to excel when they have access to the proper materials, are placed at a level of study appropriate to their ability, and practice on a daily basis over an extended period of time.


The Kumon method begins by developing basic learning skills as well as the basics in Math and (English) Reading through daily practice of worksheets. The ultimate goal is to empower each student with self-learning skills through advanced, long-term study. Toru Kumon, the founder, saw this system of guiding students in Math and (English) Reading as a means through which one could also teach children study skills, independence, and responsibility.

Kumon is an individualized approach that is based on ability and not age. Students develop confidence and a positive attitude though self-paced progress and genuine achievement.

Individualization is the cornerstone of the Kumon Method. Students succeed and build confidence when they are given challenges that are just right for their current ability. All students, whether they have come to Kumon to catch up or to get ahead, begin with work that is comfortable for them, as determined by a Placement Test, and advance at their own pace. There is no discouraging pressure to compete with those more advanced, nor is anyone held back to wait for those less advanced. Students quickly learn that their individual performance class by class, and their consistent routine at home, determines their rate of progress. This encourages them to take individual responsibility for their work and for their success. In class, the students receive appropriate guidance and support, encouragement, and feedback on the areas they can improve.

By assigning the “just-right” number of daily worksheets, the Kumon Instructor helps the Kumon student to build the Math, Reading, and self-learning skills without being overwhelmed by too much work. Assignments are flexible and can be increased or decreased as required.

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