Local, Natural Skin Care




Tis the season for dry, indoor air and itchy, alligator skin. If you could write a message on your wrist, or your hands and cheeks are chapped, it’s time to give your body’s largest organ some major TLC.

And, thankfully, even for skin care, you can choose local.

Have you heard of The Kitchen Sink? It’s a new, locally-produced line of affordable, all-natural skin-care products for your face and body. Debra Ann Munro is an ophthalmic technician and clinic manager here in Ottawa and she started creating natural formulas to take care of her own sensitive skin. Debra wanted inexpensive products with ingredients she could pronounce, so she did the research and developed them herself.

There are no synthetic chemicals, skin irritants or potentially toxic additives involved. Several of the ingredients come from her organic gardens, and all are from Canadian sources. The products range from body butter and lip balm to anti-wrinkle serum and hand and cuticle salve.

Winter Body Oil? Herbal Facial Cleanser? The Warming Body Scrub with Calendula Oil Kit? Yes please. Pretty soon her family members and friends were using the products, and singing their praises. Now they’re available to the general public. To order the products or get details, email thekitchensink@storm.ca.

Spa scene with natural cosmetics

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