Luxurious Baby Items That Are Kind to Your Wallet

Naturally, all you want is the best for your baby. Your sunshine and bundle of joy deserves the products and experiences that will help her to grow into a successful, loving person. But sometimes the best of the best also means a hefty price tag.

Here’s a look at just a few of the brands that give you the best of both worlds: plush must-haves for baby and price tags that don’t break the bank.

SwaddleDesigns Swaddling Blankets

If your goal is for you and your baby to get a good night’s rest, high-quality swaddling blankets should be on your must-have list. A gentle, supportive swaddle comforts your baby and helps her sleep better. While, some swaddling blankets are pricey, SwaddleDesigns uses only the finest materials and offers high-quality products at economical prices. An extra bonus is the company includes swaddling directions located directly on the blanket’s 123 Swaddle label. That means, even if you’re a newbie parent, s you’ll have no problem properly swaddling your infant. Also included is a QR code that gives you access to the SwaddleClub resource portal, which can be helpful for first-time moms and dads.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Skin and Hair Care Products

When it comes to skin and hair care, it matters what you use for your little darling. The skin absorbs what you put onto it, so the quality of the ingredients in your products can make a difference for your baby’s health. Many of the mainstream companies that sell products for infants use chemicals and less than ideal components in their offerings, but some of the higher-quality brands can be shockingly expensive.

Earth Mama Angel Baby is a great company that delivers superior ingredients at reasonable price points. You can choose from a variety of natural baby care products such as the Calming Lavender Shampoo and Body Wash, and rest assured they’re safe for your baby’s delicate skin. Since it’s formulated without toxins or harsh chemicals, your infant’s skin will reap the benefits and you’ll enjoy spending as little as $10 on some of the products.

Manzanita Kids Baby Rattles

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that play is essential to the emotional, social, cognitive and physical well-being of children and babies throughout development. Play allows babies and kids to be creative; it helps them learn to cooperate with others and to overcome challenges. Play also provides the perfect opportunity for parents to  fully engage and bond with their children. Manzanita Kids, a home-based toymaker that specialises in wooden toys, offers a selection of high-quality wooden rattles, building blocks, puzzles and figures designed with organic materials. The handmade hardwood toys are polished with organic jojoba oil and a care card is included with your purchase. These unique toys will bring your baby joy through different developing stages.

As you decide what your baby needs, it’s important to be conscious about price and what items merit a financial investment. Fortunately, you don’t always have to skimp on luxury products simply because of costs. For the best of the best, check out SwaddleDesigns swaddling blankets, Earth Mama Angel Baby skin and hair care and Manzanita Kids baby rattles. Your baby will be cozy, healthier and more stylish in no time and you’ll be a happy shopper.

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