MaJical Mom!

by Catherine Lesage

Mother’s Day is approaching and many people think of it as yet another day in the year to offer presents; its real meaning has been diluted over time in favour of consumerism.

A Humble and Spiritual Path about LOVE!
Mothering is the practice of caring, of being of service for children or people in need, of providing unconditional love.
 Motherhood is the state of being a mother; it encompasses offering our hearts and our hands for other human beings and our children, offering compassion for the greater good.

Mothers are privileged to be entrusted with children who can fill them with wonders and love, to teach them and to learn from them, to give them wings and grow their own wings.

The Essence of Motherhood
Service, devotion, unconditional love, compassion, discipline, presence = Yoga!
The essence of Mother’s Day is to show reverence and express gratitude to mothers for all the wonderful things they do. Truly, Mother’s Day is realizing that the word MOM upside down is WOW! 
Thank you MOMS for loving your children and thank you for being YOU!

Simple Creative Ideas Honouring MOMS!

• With your mom, find ways to spell the word MOM using your bodies; spell WOW too!

• 1 thank you = 1 year of age. If you are 10 years old, find 10 things your mom does that 
make you feel special and tell her. If you are 40, do the same. Moms are worth 40 
thank yous!

• If you had one word to describe how magical your mom is, what would it be? For the 
entire day, when you need her, instead of saying “mama” or “mommy” or “mom” use that magical word to address her and watch how it makes her smile!

To all mothers, may you be well, happy and healthy!


Catherine Lesage is the founder of Littlefeet Yoga® and the play”full” author of the Little SuperYogis. Launched in 2006, Littlefeet Yoga® is a bilingual and creative movement company connecting families and children through mindful movement, play, creativity and cooperation. Launched in 2012, Little SuperYogis is a series of interactive yoga resources co-created with children to reach families wherever they are. You can reach Catherine at and



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