Make breakfast a family affair

The weekend is typically filled with sports, play-dates and errands, but it is also a great time for the whole family to spend time together catching up. A great way to do this is to kick off with a balanced family breakfast. Eating a balanced breakfast at the beginning of the day ensures you and your family are ready for whatever your weekend has in store. Here are some helpful tips for hosting a weekend family breakfast:


One of the best ways to make breakfast a family affair is to get everyone involved. There is a task for every family member. A fun recipe to make on an assembly line is banana rollups. Have one child spread of Nutella on a slice of whole grain pita, another child can top it off with sliced bananas and the third can roll it up.


Kids are always told not to play with their food, but by making an exception you can turn breakfast into a memorable experience. “Start with something simple and standard like bread, waffles or pancakes,” says registered dietician, Jodi Robinson. “Then let your kids use cookie cutters to make fun shapes or make a smiley face with grapes, berries and cantaloupe slices.”

Family traditions

Establishing a weekly family breakfast gives kids something to look forward to and turns breakfast into a social activity instead of just a meal. Make it a family tradition and soon it will become valuable quality time.

Extend the invitation

The weekend is the perfect occasion to spend time with other family members whom you might not see during the week. Welcome everyone –grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. Getting everyone involved creates a stronger family tradition that can lead to better habits.

For more tips and tricks on helping your family get a balanced breakfast visit The Breakfast Table – an inclusive community for Canadians to share tips, get expert advice and learn all about the importance of a well-balanced breakfast. For each person that ‘Likes’ The Breakfast Table, Nutella will donate another $1 to Breakfast for Learning to a maximum of $10,000. Visit to learn more.

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