Making a splash in the kiddie pool

By Alan Viau

There is nothing better than running through water on a hot day. It is the most fun way to cool kids off during these scorching summer holidays. And an inexpensive kiddie pool is just the thing.

My kids playing in the kiddie pool. Photo by Alan Viau

Predictably, one month after the summer solstice of June 21, the earth has warmed up. We’re experiencing that warmth as our summer heat waves. Similarly, one month after the winter solstice is the coldest period of the year. But let’s not talk about that now. Instead, let’s make the most of this hot sunny weather.

Playing outdoors is good for the kids, but it may be a challenge to keep them out there when it is really sizzling. You can wander down to the local pool or splash pad but there is nothing better than having your own backyard pool. They can swim, splash and play around to their heart’s content.

A permanently installed pool can be an expensive undertaking. There are significant construction costs, maintenance efforts and safety considerations. Often once the kids have grown up, the pool loses its magic in favor of summer jobs and girl/boyfriends.

There is a really fabulous option. You can purchase an inexpensive kiddie pool for the youngsters. I’m talking about one that sells for less than $50. My kids loved playing in it. They would run through it, splash around and dance around. They relished going back into it day after day.

When you consider it, a kiddie pool has many advantages besides the children loving to play in it. Firstly, you really don’t care if it survives much past the season. Believe me when they’ve finished with it, it is not worth keeping.

A kiddie pool is also chemical free. There’s no need to add chlorine. You can dump it out on a daily basis and refill it to keep it clean.

Another bonus is that you don’t need to have elaborate fencing around a kiddie pool. According to City of Ottawa By-law 2013-39 a pool or tub must have a gated enclosure if it has a water depth of greater than 600mm (roughly 24 inches) at any point.

And in your supervisory capacity as a parent, you may feel it is your responsibility to exercise your right to act like a kid. You can also don your maillot de bain and run through the pool freeing your inner child. Or if you want to be more relaxed, there’s nothing wrong with sitting on a comfy chair enjoying a cool beverage with your feet dipping in the pool.

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