Mom’s Family Desk Planner

All You Really Need is Two More Sets of Hands and Another 24 Hours in the Day, Right? 
Well, since you can’t have that, how about a little extra organizational help instead?

Mom’s everywhere understand the scenario. The kids are done school for nearly 70 days, camp doesn’t start for three weeks, work assignments and deadlines are piling up – not to mention dust bunnies and laundry – and you don’t have a clue what to take to the upcoming barbecue.  What about play dates? Volunteer commitments? Health appointments? Those promises to drive the neighbour’s kids to swim lessons and to water your uncle’s plants?
Oh boy.
Time to get a clone.
Or, better yet, Mom’s Family Desk Planner by Sandra Boynton. This spiffy, spiral-bound personal assistant slips easily into a purse or bag and helps keep the whole family on track. The 17-month planner boasts a comfortable, smartly designed week-at-a-glance grid on the right-hand page of each spread. There is plenty of space for writing down mom’s comings and goings, plus room for the rest of the family’s notes. This hardworking calendar has a playful side too. You’ll be charmed by the hippos, cows, dinosaurs, pigs and chickens. Every week’s full-colour illustration appears on the left-hand page and is sure to put a smile on your face. In the back of the planner are 52 weeks of perforated grocery and to-do lists, plus space for important phone numbers. Front and back covers sport handy storage pockets, and 150 full-colour stickers are bound into the book.

ISBN – 10 0761162704

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