Moving into Fall Wardrobes

By Crystal McLeod

As much as I love fall, I was not ready for it to come on so strong this year! It feels like immediately after the Labour Day long weekend, the warm weather disappeared and fall fully took over!

In my last blog for Ottawa Family Living, I mentioned that I would wait and buy my daughter some fall clothes once the back to school shopping rush quietened down, and things went on sale. Maybe I jinxed myself!

Turns out, unlike last year where my daughter was still wearing shorts and summer dresses to school in September, this year it is long pants, long-sleeved shirts and sweaters or a coat in the morning.

It has been hard to dress her at 8 a.m so that she is either still warm by 3:30 or not sweltering hot. Seasonal transitions can sometimes be tricky.

Here are a few tips to help transition the kids into fall:

  • Layer. Add a sweater or jean jacket over clothes in the morning. They’re easy to put on for recess and easy to take off if they get too hot.
  • Put on tights. You can still put a skirt on your child, just add under it a fun coloured or textured tight that they can take off later in the day if it becomes too hot. They can even don the tights under shorts.
  • Choose dresses. Add a T-shirt or long sleeved tee under summer dresses. The addition makes them warmer for the cooler temps.
  • Roll up. Cargo-style pants are great for transitional seasons. You can roll them up or down as needed to be warmer or cooler.
  • Label. As sweaters and coats may not be needed all day long, be sure they are labelled so that if they’re forgotten or left behind somewhere, they can be returned!

What tips do you have to transition your children into the fall season!?

Crystal is a work-at-home-mom to two beautiful little children and a wife to one! Together with her family, Crystal resides just outside of the nation’s capital in the Ottawa Valley. Not that moms get a lot of spare time, but when she does, Crystal is busy as a co-founder of Ottawa Valley Moms and you can find her corresponding daily with their followers via social media outlets.

Never a dull moment doing the most important job there is – raising your family!

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